adk2 Online Advertising Platform

Adk2 is a global provider of Online Advertising Management & Serving Technologies & Platforms. adk2 is leading the Global Online Advertising market by developing innovative solutions with a significant customers base including dozens of networks, hundreds of advertisers & thousands of publishers.

Adk2 is a division of PLYmedia – a leading expert in online video solutions & services. The company is privately funded by leading VCs & prominent industry stakeholders. The company is headquartered in the United States with R&D facilities in Israel.

New and existing Ad Networks adopt adk2 platform to either establish a new operation or add video advertising capabilities to an existing operation:

  • Create your own Ad Network – manage & track endless publishers, advertisers & campaigns.
  • Join the video advertising revolution – reach top publishers looking to diversify their campaigns & website content.
  • Support all creative types – our integrated Content Management System & Content Delivery Network support video & video overlay ads, as well as banners, rich media & 3rd party JavaScript & HTML tags.
  • Create your own brand – your logo & network name, your domain name, your CDN and Ad Server domain names in ad tags.
  • Improve your partners’ experience – with adk2 intuitive dashboards & management consoles self-service & ad network management have never been easier.
  • Sell or buy traffic through our Global Marketplace – get access to high effective CPM (eCPM) paying campaigns & boost delivery of your direct campaigns.
  • Let your premium publishers enjoy freedom – with adk2 integrated Supply Side Platform (SSP) they can set direct campaigns, or sell you media every time your campaigns pay better.
  • Move forward, don’t stay behind – we are constantly adding new features & capabilities to meet your specific needs.
  • Support CPM, PPV, CPC & CPA campaigns – adk2 platform supports video advertising, including Pay-per-View (PPV), Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Cost-per-Action (CPA) monetization.
  • Diversify ad presentation formats – deliver your ads as in-banner ads, sliders, popup or popunder ads, as well as expandable banners & pre-rolls with companion banners.
  • Optimize your & your publishers’ revenue – with adk2 best-in-class Revenue Optimization & Action Prediction engines it is simple to optimize your revenue through all the pricing models.
  • Enjoy reliable tracking and near real time analytics – with our reliable impression, view, click & action tracking & highly accurate reporting, you will be able to focus on the real challenge – increasing your revenues & growing your business.
  • Reduce your IT costs – with our highly scalable cloud based platform capable of serving billions of ads on a daily basis you get 99% uptime SLA, dedicated account manager & variety of support plans.
  • No platform set up costs – register to receive your account & start using the platform, pay only for your monthly traffic & CDN usage.

What network companies use ADK2 platform? Click here

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  1. Joseph says:

    I was told it is $5k a month on a minimum 12 month contract. I would be interested in hearing about others experience with it also.

  2. Bisu says:

    What is the CPM cost for the platform ?

  3. Anyone with solid experience that can provide reviews on it.

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