Go Mobile with your Internet Marketing to make more money.

Mobile web traffic has been exploding these past few years and continues to grow at an unstoppable pace.  Mobile traffic topped 13% of all web traffic by the end of 2012.  It is projected that mobile commerce sales will reach $14 billion in 2013.  With stats like this, going mobile can not be ignored!  Mobile marketing is still pretty new, so there are plenty of untapped income streams out there.  Here are some helpful sites to help you get started with boosting you income through mobile marketing.

Mobile Blog Money is a new training system and software package that has been developed by Chris Waldron. With this you will learn how to combine blogging with mobile marketing – this means that you will be taking one of most reliable methods of generating an online income and mixing it with one of the newest and most powerful money making methods currently being used. It is the perfect mix of traditional and new.

App Code 2.0 is software and training that will allow you to quickly and easily create mobile apps  that you can then place in Google Play or the Apple Store. Many people have ideas for applications but simply don’t have any idea of how to actually get them up and running – this software has been designed to help even those who may not know coding or graphics to create those applications.

Mobile Autoresponder is a web based service that allows you to build a list of cell phone numbers that will enable you to send out text messages regarding new products, promotions, updates, or anything else that you desire. 90% of text messages are actually opened – meaning that the likelihood of your message getting seen is greatly increased over the number that would see a typical email message.

Green App Machine is a push-button system that will allow you to launch your own mobile apps. You can do this even if you have absolutely no technical skills and if you don’t have a ton of money to outsource the work. This software will make creating and launching a mobile app a simple process – allowing you to create apps that will earn you money around the clock automatically.

iPhone Dev Secrets is a unique opportunity to learn how to make a lot of money creating apps for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The creator Mike says you can learn how to create an iPhone or iPad app or game in about 4 weeks without any programming skills. Mike said there are over 250 million i-gadgets sold which includes; iPhones, iPods and iPads all together.


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