Ad serving technology companies provide software to web sites/APP Developers and advertisers to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the website or advertiser most money, and monitor progress of different advertising campaigns. Create your own Ad Network!

AD server list

List of Ad Servers

Ad Dispenser – Advertising Server Ad Dispenser Server.    Country: Canada

AdButler – Best Ad Server Software to Maximize Revenue.    Country: Canada

AdConductor – Online Ad Server and Advertising Management System.     Country: United States

Adform – Making display advertising simple, relevant and rewarding!    Country: Denmark

AdFox – for commercial ad nets.   Country: Russia

AdJuggler – Ad Serving & Management.    Country: United States

Adk2 – Online Advertising Platform | White Label Private Exchange for Ad Networks.    Country: Israel

AdLantis – Free Ad Server.    Country: Japan

AdNologies – Retargeting, DMP, DSP, SSP.    Country: Germany

Adplugg – Ad Server & Ad Manager Combined with Ad Plugin for Blog Advertising.    Country: United States

AdRiver – Professional’s Choice.    Country: Russia

AdServer Solutions – Ad Server for display, mobile, apps, video, social and IPTV.    Country: United States

AdSpeed – Ad Server, Ad Serving & Banner Ad Manager Solutions.    Country: United States

AdSpirit Ad Server – The right ad server for everyone…    Country: Germany

AdTech – Defining digital marketing.    Country: United States

AdvertServe – Cloud Hosted with Real-Time Reporting.    Country: United States

Adzerk – Build custom advertising products with the Adzerk API.    Country: United States

AppNexus – Advertising is the lifeblood of the Internet.    Country: United States

Atlas – Bringing the power of real people to ad serving and measurement.    Country: United States

Broadstreetads – Adserving for Independent Publishers.    Country: United States

CheckM8 – High-Impact Rich Media Advertising Creative & Technology.    Country: United States

ClipperSoft – mySimpleAds Ad Serving v2.    Country: United States – Monetize With Smart Interstitial Ads.    Country: United States

Conversant – The power of personal.    Country: United States

DoubleClick – Powering digital advertising globally.    Country: United States

dJAX AdServer – Ad Server Solutions for Agencies, Publishers and Advertisers.    Country: India

E Planning – Ad server, web stats and online marketing tools.    Country: Uruguay

Epom – Ad Server for Display, Mobile Apps, and Video.    Country: United States

ExAds – Excellence in Ad-serving.    Country: Ireland

Exponential – Intelligence Platform.    Country: United States

FlashTalking – Online Advertising Technology. Made Simple.    Country: United Kingdom

iBillBoard – The right Ad Server for your website.    Country: Czech Republic

inClick – Contextual Advertising Management System.    Country: United States

My Simple Ads – Manage and Sell Ads Simply.    Country: United States

NetSprint – Technology driven marketing.    Country: Poland

NoPrimeTime – The Video Ad Server for Media Companies and Ad Networks.    Country: Romania

OpenX – Online Advertising Technology to Maximize Ad Revenue.    Country: United States

Operative – Advertising Business Management.    Country: United States

Orbit Open Ad Server – The free, open source ad tool that lets you manage the profits while we manage the technology.    Country: Russia

Otlix – Ad serving solutions based on CDN technology.    Country: United States

PointRoll – True creativity crosses borders.    Country: United States

Revive Ad Server – Free Open Source Ad Server.    Country: France

Rubicon – Leading the automation of advertising.    Country: United States

SiteScout – Self-Serve Advertising Platform.    Country: Canada

Sizmek – Multi-Screen Ad Serving Platform.    Country: United States

Smaato – Global Monetization for Mobile Apps & Web Sites.    Country: United States

Smart Ad Server – Integrated Mobile, Video & RTB.    Country: France

Spiral Ad Server – Deliver ads rapidly, generate revenue with ease.    Country: United States

TradeDoubler – Connect and grow with Tradedoubler performance marketing.    Country: Sweden

Value Ad – Technology & Functionality.    Country: United States

Viewzd – Cloud Ad manager.    Country: United States

Yahoo Ad Exchange – Reaching audiences on a full slate of devices in new and imaginative ways.    Country: United States

Xaxis – We use data and technology to help advertisers reach and engage with audiences at scale.    Country: United States

ZEDO – Leading Global Ad Platform.    Country: United States

List of Mobile Ad Servers

[a•mo•bee] – The company defining digital marketing.    Country: Israel

AdIQuity – Mobile Advertising | Mobile Ad Network | App Marketing.    Country: India

AdMarvel – Maximize revenue through Reach. Relevance. Results.    Country: United States

AdMaxim – The Mobile Advertising Company.    Country: United States

AdPreference – Mobile Install Ad Network.    Country: United States

AdsMOGO – The Largest Mobile SSP/Exchange in China.    Country: China

AdTapsy – App Monetization・Mobile Ad Network Mediation.    Country: Bulgaria

AerServ – Power to the publisher.    Country: United States

AppNexus – Advertising is the lifeblood of the Internet.    Country: United States

Axonix – The transparent mobile advertising marketplace.    Country: United Kingdom

Bidstalk – White-label Mobile DSP | White-label Video DSP | Intelligent Ad Server | Custom Ad Exchange.    Country: Singapore

Burstly – Solutions for the Entire App Lifecycle.    Country: United States

byyd – Precision mobile advertising.    Country: United Kingdom

CASEE – Cellphone Ads Serving E-Exchange.    Country: China

Cauly – AD in your hand.    Country: South Korea

epom – Ad Server for Display, Mobile Apps, and Video.    Country: United States

FusePowered – We help mobile game and app publishers make more money every day.    Country: Canada

Hunt Mobile Ads – Hunting Ads Everywhere.    Country: Argentina

Inneractive – App Monetization.    Country: Israel

Juice Mobile – Premium advertising and technology firm.    Country: Canada

justAd – Mobile Rich-Media Advertising Platform.    Country: United States

Komli Mobile – Mobile Ad Marketplace | Mobile Ads Network | Mobile Advertising and Publishing Platform.    Country: India

MadHouse – The Leading Mobile Ad Platform.    Country: China

MADNET – Mobile advertising platform.    Country: Russia

Medialets – The most comprehensive media attribution solution for mobile.    Country: United States

Mobfox – The Open Mobile Advertising Platform.    Country: Austria

MobileFuse – Mobile Branding. Simplified.    Country: United States

Mocean Mobile – The mobile ad serving standard.    Country: United States

Mopub – World’s Largest Mobile Ad Server and RTB Exchange for iOS and Android.    Country: United States

NativeX – The Leading Ad Technology for Mobile Games.    Country: United States

Nexage – Mobile Advertising.    Country: United States

Opera Mediaworks – Powering the mobile Ad Economy.    Country: United States

Playhaven – Mobile Ad Network | Mobile Gaming Platform.    Country: United States

sellAring – Cell Phone Advertisements | Mobile Advertisements.    Country: Israel

Senddroid – Android mobile advertising.    Country: United States

Smaato – Global Monetization for Mobile Apps.    Country: United States

Sofialys – Driving Relevance & Engagement in Mobile Marketing.    Country: France

SupersonicAds – Mobile Advertising Network | Mobile Ads.    Country: Israel

TapIt! – The Easiest Way to Monetize Mobile.    Country: United States

TapTap Networks – Largest independent mobile advertising network.    Country: Spain

Vserv – Enabling Smart Data led Results.    Country: United States

Widespace – Mobile advertising that matters.    Country: Sweden

YOC Group – Engaging audience everywhere!    Country: United Kingdom

YouMi – Best mobile advertising platform, mobile advertising experts.    Country: China

YuMe – Multi-Screen Digital Video Advertising.    Country: United States

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