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ConvertMedia is a company built on mathematical ingenuity and breakthrough algorithms. By applying spatial analysis and our revolutionary Precognitive Ad Targeting (PAT) technology, advertisers can leverage the programmatic buying ecosystem for performance-based advertising, completely transforming how impressions are valued and purchased.

Simply put, ConvertMedia predicts the likelihood of a user becoming a customer, calculates the value of that user, and buys ads in the right place for the right price. ConvertMedia dramatically increases the available inventory pool for advertisers, shifting the supply and demand balance and bending the cost curve in favor of our clients. The team behind ConvertMedia is among the most knowledgeable in the industry, combining technical brainpower with deep business-building experience and financial acumen.


Unified Revenue Platform

Our Integrated Monetization Platform provides complete visibility into all of your revenue channels, and enables media sellers to manage yield and optimize their direct, network and exchanged filled campaigns within one dashboard.

Performance Ad Server

Easily deliver and manage campaigns across your site or network with our white label performance ad server. Define objectives, targeting segments and get real-time intelligence for your standard display banners, rich media and native ads.


Performance DSP

Open the doors to performance programmatic media. Install our performance DSP as the backbone of your trading desk to access media across leading exchanges and drive success for your own managed campaigns.



The only exchange that allows RTB bidding on a performance basis. Optimize revenue against multiple campaign goals simultaneously, ensuring delivery, conversions and customers without sacrificing revenue potential.

Find out the Network used ConvertMedia here

New York
3 W. 18th St. 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

Tel Aviv
5 Shoam St. 7th Floor
Ramat Gan, Israel 52510

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