AdKernel Advertising Serving Platform

AdKernel is a white-label advertising serving platform that offers fast, efficient and feature-rich online advertising solutions to publishers, advertisers, and networks.

We offer CPC/CPV White-label Ad Serving Solutions (XML Platform) , Display & Video White-label Ad Serving Solution (Display Platform) and Open RTB White-label Ad Serving Solutions (DSP).

All white-label platform are fully customizable and has built-in optimization algorithms and real-time statistics pulling for partner feeds and real-time analytics.

Thanks to the company’s industry-leading role in providing enterprise-class solutions for pay-per-click and display mobile and desktop markets, which help clients to achieve advanced traffic and revenue maximization, more and more companies are choosing adKernel.

Our team has deep expertise in digital advertising, distributed database, predictive analytics, real-time decision making, and big data technology. Our platform has been developed entirely in-house, giving us an extraordinary degree of control over its performance, flexibility, speed, and reliability.

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Headquarters: New York, New York, United States
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