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Gemius AdOcean is a new generation ad server which takes advantage of a technologically advanced platform for delivering advertisements on the Internet.

Gemius is a research and technology company, providing data, business consultations, solutions and recommendations in the area of online business. We offer comprehensive solutions for e-commerce, publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers.

AdOcean is an advanced and yet very easy to use tool.

Its functionalities allow for an increase in revenue from the sale of ad space on the Internet. The enhanced capabilities of the system allow you to use different sales models and publish any number of ad placements on a website.

AdOcean is also a tool that allows you to optimize your revenue in an automatic manner through the use of our optimization mechanisms.

Additionally the predictions prepared by AdOcean show you how much ad space is available and the amount of ad views that can be offered.

The benefits of AdOcean include:

Easy and effective management of advertising
Powerful statistics module – unique in terms of the quantity and diversity of indicators and the reliability of results
Unique Programmatic/RTB module
System reliability
Advanced options for campaign targeting
Possibility of offering many pricing models e.g. CPM, CPC, CPA
Knowledge about consumers that can be used in the preparation of tenders
User-friendly ad space management system
Quick delivery of campaing data


Gemius AdOcean official website

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