5 Must Have SEO Tools To Track And Improve Performance of An Ecommerce Store

People of this decade have started preferring a new way of shopping. They hardly go to markets to buy favorite clothes, accessories and electronic items because of the availability of online stores. Every single thing whether branded clothing,expensive home appliances oreven cars could be bought conveniently. It is due to the reasonthat we come across numerous ecommerce stores on internet each day.

The situation has raised some serious competition among the owners of gigantic online stores. If you are planning to launch your own ecommerce store, you need to make sure that you are implementing the best SEO practices. In short, the more smart and strategically sound your SEO plan is, the better chances you have to strengthen your position in a short span of time.

Do you know the tools you require to attain better results from your online store?It’s a right time to get your hands on these results-driven toolsto enjoy more benefits.

It’s important for you keep the track record of competitors if you are running an online business. As an online service provider, all you need to have a significant data of all your competitors such as their audiences, targeted regions, site’s overall traffic andOrganic VS. Paid search results. If you are lazy enough to perform all these tasks manually, make SEMRush your one and only solution. It’s a tool every digital marketer needs for proven facts and figures. To uncover more of its features, create a premium account and trust me you will be amazed literally.

It is a must have tool developed by Moz.  The main purpose of this incredible tool is to update webmaster about links that surrounda website. You must have a valuable data such as total number of backlinks, domain authority and how a particular page is responding on Google searches. These figures are necessary whether you are running an ecommerce store or essay writing agency that offers groovy essays in reasonable prices. To accomplish such a task, Open Site Explorer is just a perfect and most authenticoption available.

Your online store’s total number of sales greatly depends on its efficiency and loading time. If a visitor is unable to view a particular landing page in 1-2 seconds, he will get distracted automatically and will close the tab. It’s crucialthatyour site is performing better on all browsers and devices to avoid such a barrier. I recommend Pingdom as the most trusted and reliable source. It not only monitors performance but is a perfect indicator to take necessary actions for improvement.

When your aim is to rank the store on search engine, you should see it through the eye of a crawler. The journey doesn’t stop after finding appropriate keywords and building links over them. You must have a clear picture of how these keywords are performing and what errors you have made unintentionally. Screaming Frog should be the foremost choice because it provides a quick overview on website’s on-page performance.

Do you know an impressive presence on social media impacts SEO? You should be highly active and engaging on social channels, especially when running an ecommerce store. People are crazy to enhance their Klout scores. Are they really mad? No, people are smart and they know thatgetting in touch with influencers can open tremendous opportunities for better promotion of their brands. Klout has launched “Klout for business” and it’s a superb initiative for all types of businesses (ecommerce stores) to get influencers on the board.

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Christina Matthew is a keen bloggers who loves to blog about topics related to tech and education, and the recent developments in other sectors. When not writing blogs, offering research assistance with dissertations.

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