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We are very pleased to announce that Copacet has been selected as an official Google Network Partner Manager!

About 12 weeks ago, we were contacted by Google to beta test as a partner in a new program they were piloting. We were somewhat reluctant at first, but as we continued to discuss the implementation and began to realize the benefits for our publishers, we decided to try it out. We initiated an alpha test and after the initial results moved onto a beta test phase with select publishers.

Fast forward 10 weeks. Per our publisher feedback* – we are helping them achieve significant increases revenue over their standard Adsense accounts for the same ad placement!

The beta test phase realized a lot of changes to our implementation, but we finally have things ready and are now releasing this for all of our publishers – we are calling it our Premium Banner system!

What are the benefits of enrolling in our Premium Banner system? Glad you asked!

  • Higher revenue share
    • We offer our publishers a 70% revenue share over the 68% that standard Adsense accounts offer.
  • Optimized revenue stream
    • We personally monitor and calibrate ad units specifically for your high quality domains. We have a lot more control than standard Adsense accounts which allows us to maximize the revenue for your account. In addition, Adsense advertisers compete directly against Copacet advertisers for your banner space, ensuring maximum eCPM per geo for each ad placement.
  • Up to 4 ad units per page
    • We are allowed to authorize up to 4 ad units per page (versus 3 placements for standard Adsense accounts). We also provide access to new ad sizes and premium products (e.g., Adsense for Games – available soon).
  • Access to special offers
    •  Our higher volumes and increased buying power allows us to directly negotiate with advertisers to line up special high paying offers for your quality traffic.
  • Net + 0
    • Yes! You read correctly – we will be offering Net + 0 payments for revenue earned on our Premium Banners for qualified accounts! This will only be available to accounts in good standing and only after 3 months of revenue have been earned on our Premium Banners, at which time qualified publishers must apply for and be accepted into our Net + 0 payment Premium Banners program.

Want to participate? All applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Your Copacet account must be in good standing
  • Your ad placements must be in accordance with Adsense TOS

Make sure your account contact information is up to date and contact support via email if you are interested. Most applications will be reviewed within 24 hours.

What should I expect?

After your application is reviewed and accepted, you indicate the domains that you would like to run Premium Banners on. Each domain is subject to a review by our staff. After your domain has been approved, you are able to specify the appearance for your ads for the domain, and create tracking channels aliases if you would like. Premium Banners will run with your existing ad code after you turn Premium Banners on for the Copacet ad instance and select a tracking channel.

Now you can sit back and let us do the rest! It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to realize the full potential of our system, depending on volume and traffic origination.

Interested? Questions? Feedback? Feel free to let us know!

*Please note: revealing exact revenue numbers of course is against Adsense’s TOS – we are just taking our publishers’ word for it.

Soure: Copacet

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