Best Ad Networks for Non-English Traffic

As a publisher, you are always searching for ways to maximize the revenue streams coming from your website. The main way to earn is through programmatic ads, which needs careful attention to monetize it correctly.

However, finding advertisers or ad networks who are willing to monetize your non-English traffic is always a struggle because the majority of them focus only on buying traffic from top-tier countries.

At MonetizeMore, we surveyed our publisher partners and came up with a list of ad networks you can use to monetize your non-English traffic. If your traffic mainly serves tier one countries, be sure to check out MonetizeMore’s list of top ad networks for 2018 here.


Google AdSense

AdSense is one of the best ad networks in the industry. Not only does it monetize all your traffic across multiple geolocations, it also supports websites in different languages.

AdSense generally offers higher CPMs for non-English traffic compared to other ad networks or similar companies. On top of that, they now support different ad formats such as matched content, in-feed and in-article, which allows publishers more freedom and flexibility to choose what ad formats they want on their site.

Check out these tips if you want to find out on how to optimize AdSense for higher CPMs.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile

Ad formats supported: Text and Display, In-Feed, In-Article, Native, Anchor

Campaign types: CPM, CPC

Minimum traffic: none


Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Google’s Ad Exchange is the premium version of AdSense. It is the world’s largest pool demand that gives you access to premium advertisers, ad networks, agencies and Google AdWords.

Furthermore, it has additional tools such as category blocking as well as the ability to set up preferred deals and private auctions to make sure that the publisher can maximize its website revenue potential.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, Video

Ad formats supported: Text and Display, Video, Native

Campaign types: CPM, CPC

Geography supported: Worldwide

Minimum traffic: At least 30 million monthly impressions is another premium global advertising company that is popular with contextual ads.

Their innovative technology can uniquely blend contextual analysis with behavior data, audience profiling, demographic information and historical performance metrics to significantly enhance value for both publishers and advertisers.

They have been known to be an excellent alternative to AdSense and has even outperformed AdSense in some instances. They have an extensive advertising pool that allows them to have a 100% fill rate across all geographical locations.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, Mobile App

Ad formats supported: Text, Display, Anchor, In-Content, Interstitials, Video

Campaign types: CPM, CPC



Appnexus is a leading ad-tech company that is well-known for its open platform and APIs to power online auction for both buyers (DSP) and sellers (SSP).

It offers a wide range of advertising sources including Google’s DoubleClick and Microsoft’s Bing Ads. This allows a publisher to monetize any kind of traffic across the globe.

We have seen them perform very well within Latin American, Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese speaking countries.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, Video, Mobile App

Ad formats supported: Display, Video, Native, Audio

Campaign types: CPM, CPA, CPC, Flat rate


Rubicon Project

Rubicon is a well-known digital advertising company that focuses on automating the buying and selling of online advertising.

They have designed and built one of the largest real-time cloud and Big Data computing systems that process trillions of transactions within milliseconds each month across the globe.

This puts them in the best position to monetize traffic worldwide with very competitive rates. They have achieved high CPM rates in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, Video, Mobile App

Ad formats supported: Display, Video, Digital Audio, Native

Campaign types: CPM, CPI, CPA



This sophisticated media and technology company focuses mainly on bringing efficient and effective technology to its buyers, advertisers, and users. bRealTime is now part of EMX together with

They have unique and direct access to premium brands, internal agency trading desks, as well as programmatic demand from top DSPs.

Aside from their outstanding performance in tier one countries, we’ve seen them perform satisfactorily in Latin America and countries such as India, Japan, China, Singapore and in the Middle East.

Platform: Desktop, Mobile, Video, Search, Email

Ad formats supported: Display, Anchor, Transitional Slider

Campaign types: CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA, CPV


Facebook Audience Network

When FAN (Facebook Audience Network) was released, it allowed advertisers to unroll their Facebook ad campaigns off of Facebook and widen their reach.


For app and mobile web publishers, this means having the power of Facebook at their fingertips to boost their performance. What’s even better was when they released their header bidding solution to publishers.

For those who qualified to be part of their solution, performance has dramatically increased, and this is across all geographical locations.

Platform: Mobile, Mobile App

Ad formats supported: Display, Native, Interstitials

Campaign types: CPM, CPC, CPI

Minimum traffic: At least 20 million monthly impressions

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