Top Tools of Dominating Niche Marketing

Niche MarketingNiche Marketing is a terrific way to maximize the impact of your Internet Marketing efforts.  Choosing a niche that not only you know is profitable, but that you hold a firm interest in, will help you achieve the best results possible.  Finding the right niche and getting your niche site up and running can be easier than ever by using some of  top rated niche marketing tools.

Micro Niche Finder from James Jones is an SEO-oriented research tool that allows you to research keywords and niches. The primary feature of this tool is to allow you to easily discover micro niches that have not been taken full advantage of yet and can easily be dominated. The tool also features an indicator that allows you to quickly get an idea of the competition level.

Keyword Explosion is an info product, spreadsheet database and online researching platform developed by Internet marketer and software program Jonathan Leger. Aimed at Google AdSense publishers, Keyword Explosion focuses on uncovering profitable niches that may make for high paying websites. Mr. Leger brings his considerable search engine marketing experience to bear with this product.

Mony-Tree is an online software niche site builder that helps you create niche websites that are ready for you to start promoting. Through their niche website wizard, you choose from among several different templates and you provide the niche and keywords that you want to use, and the program builds you a niche store around it.

Build a Niche Store is a software program that allows you to build ecommerce sites. The software bases its product displays from the eBay network so you will have to be an affiliate of theirs in order to use it. The intuitive process takes you from choosing a template to a niche store with relevant product listings.

Niche Profit Classroom is a membership site created by Adam Short and Alen Sultanic. The membership teaches Internet Marketers how to set up niche businesses even if they are on a limited budget. The site contains video training, is updated with new strategies, and members are given additional support via interviews, teleseminars and webinars.

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