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Sevio Solutions developed GetPopunder Ad Network as a solution for everyone who wants to create their own ad network. It allows you to display pop-under ads and monetize publisher websites. This is the first pop-under ad network integrated with other platforms in order to create an exchange system which would benefit your advertisers and your publishers. Sevio Solutions also thought about advertisers and created a targeting system based on Country / O.S. / Category and tracking system ready.


With an user friendly interface,this ad network script is really easy to use even for someone who is a complete beginner in this field. You have everything you need from the first page, the dashboard. All of the statistics you need are there filtered by day, week, month.

As an major feature, you get the API that connect your platformto PopWin and other partners. This would create a special marketplace for advertisers & publishers. You can create campaigns and get traffic from allpartners platforms or send traffic once the bid is higher than your platform bid. It’s a great opportunity for media buyers/traffic brokers to monetize their businesses better than ever.

Also – for the advertisers out there, getpopunder gives you a special tracking tokens to get more info about visitors and website ids. You can also get the website ID and blacklist it in case the traffic provided it’s not valuable for your business.


Starting as low as $1 worldwide, advertisers can create campaigns with any bid they want and adminspush the campaign trough the AP . Therefore, the campaign will be visible to everyone who’s using the API and you can get impressions from more than 4 platforms simultaneously – targeted by Country/OS/Category ( or more targeting options,contact Sevio Solutions atwww.seviosolutions.com).

You can also modify the Ad Network as you wish with the settings system.You can modify the minimum bid worldwide from your platform,set the campaign minimum budget, set the publisher share and a lot of amazing stuff.


As you can see, there are options available for Ad Delivery,Mail Options and even Invoice Options. The Ad Network Script was created to deliver an easy, user-friendly  and qualitative product to all customers.

Sevio Solutions also made an affiliate system which absolutely amazing on getpopunder.com. You can earn between $50 and $300 from a single sale. Sounds awesome, right? See the full details here and how can you become an affiliate with getpopunder.


So, what are you waiting? Come and join the future marketplace for internet traffic specialized in delivering quality by purchasing your own platform.
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