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Adcash is a performance-based advertising network with an international reach that covers over 196 countries. They operate in worldwide, and they have offices in Estonia, Bulgaria, France and in Mexico.They offer multilingual customer support in several different languages e.g. English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Estonian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Portuges, Hindi, Hebrew. Specialized in the monetization of entertainment related websites, this ad network offers publishers a wide range of tools to earn revenues from their Web traffic.

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Once you register on the platform and your website gets validated, you can select your ads and have them up and running on your site in matters of minute. Simply select your campaign and copy the script for the creative you want to integrate on your ad space. With hundreds of high-performing programs available to select from, you are sure to find the ones best suited to your ad inventory and website specifics.
One of the key features of Adcash is that they offer dynamic CPM pricing, which means that their proprietary algorithms can determine the highest performing campaigns for your traffic and only display the ones most that are more profitable for your site.

Their technology enables you to also monitor and optimize your performance through real-time statistical reports filtered by period, country, campaign and zone. In true global spirit, the admin panel is available in 8 languages.
Apparently, Adcash seems to be more tailored to entertainment or gaming websites, as most of their offers come from these areas. At the moment, they serve ads from more than thousand offers to all countries of the world. Their ad platform is dynamically optimizing your ad inventory (they call this dynamic CPM optimization) to serve most relevant ads to your visitors’ demographics and site topic. They also serve ads optimized for mobile platforms and will deliver ads suited to user devices.

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Signing up and approval with them is a trivial process, and will take less than a day to get accepted. After you register, they will assign a dedicated account manager to assist you with getting started. I can’t tell if they’re helpful or not, since I never had a need to contact them, but overall online reports about their support are positive. Nice touch is their multilingual support, thing that many companies these days completely ignore, assuming that everyone knows English. Interface, documentation and even technical support are available in ten languages.   Join ADCASH

Admin area interface is simple and relatively clutter free, with most options being available directly from the main menu. They support most of standard ad formats, including banner ads (plenty to choose from), site-under, interstitial, footer (catfish ad), slide-in and background ads. Background ad is an ad that appears behind the content, as a clickable background image. This ad is visible to visitors whose screen resolution is wider than the page. It looks interesting and I think it is worth trying. I don’t think visitors find them annoying, as many large and respectable websites use them. Another thing worth mentioning is their manual banner rotator. It allows you to hand pick offers you wish to promote. This is very useful if you’re very familiar with your audiences.

So, with all that said we need to answer one question that matters: is it possible to earn any money with them? Like I mentioned earlier, Adcash is performance based, so you will only be paid for converting visitors. This means that just getting any junk traffic won’t work. I’ve read reports of people sending tens of thousands of impressions and getting zero earnings. That said, only having quality traffic will produce any results. Personally, I find their CPM rates and conversions to be better than average compared to other performance networks. The banner ads is CPA model, But POP ads is based on CPM. I suggest you give them a try and see for yourself. Please comment and let others know about your experience with them.

Payment terms
Minimum payment amount is €100, paid on every thirty days (NET30). You are not required to fill any tax documents. Now they are offer monthly payments automatically.

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Payment methods
PayPal  ,Skrill (Moneybookers) ,Web money , Payoneer, Wire transfer

Quick approval process
100% international fill rate
Multilingual support
Plenty of ad formats to choose from
Many available offers
Manual banner rotator for those who prefer to keep control of ads being served

Minimum payment is quite high for small websites
High traffic websites probably get higher CPM rates

Please check more review Here 


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