CPM ads – Common Misconceptions

I just saw an analysis of CPM ads  in  DP forum, It’s very meticulous and worth to be share !

Hey Guys,
I wanted to discuss this topic from long time. We do have lot of publishers and ad networks representative on digital point so let’s have discussion on This topic.

I have seen lot of publishers criticizing CPM – POP ad network. The publishers sign up for new ad network and use it for 1-2 days. They see very low rates (almost ZERO) in first two days and then they just remove the ad code from the site and say –
“this network pays Low”, “this network is a scam”, “I do not recommend it” etc.

Let’s discuss this topic with respect to the advertisers, publishers and ad networks.

Cpm ads- Common Misconception

1. I ran CPM ads for one days, I got ZERO earning so i removed the ads

:- Every ad networks takes at least a week to analyze your traffic. They analyze your visitors, geolocation, Keywords,visiting time etc. Every ad network has a particular algorithm which takes significant time to complete its research & assign suitable ads for your site. if you do not give that significant time,the ad networks Cannot analyze your traffic and fetch you the best ads. This goes for the pop up-unders too.

The reason for the low earning in the first few days is adnetwork shows ads with lowest cpm rates till they completely study your traffic. That’s why –
1. Always try new ad network for at least seven days
2. contact the ad network if you are are not satisfied with the The CPM rates
If it still doesn’t work out, you’re free to leave the network.

TIP:-> Do not send all of your traffic , just send few thousand hits every day. So if the Ad network does not work for you, you will not lose your potential earning.

2. I have opted for CPM ad networks – I don’t need clicks on the ads

:- One of the Major misconception about the CPM or cost per mile ads is – I don’t need clicks for my CPM ads. This is not true. advertisers pay for conversion.

keep yourself at the place of advertisers can think why would you pay for views if it does not bring any visitors to your site, product or anything you’re endorsing.

suppose an advertisers is paying X dollars for your 1000 views then he expects some clicks from the visitors and most importantly some SELL from those clicks. if your Traffic is good and the advertiser is getting good Conversion i.e. sell, so he increase his bid and you will get better CPM rates. So the clicks are necessary even if you are using CPM ads.

3. I can keep 10 ads on one page and we’ll get 10x revenue

:- This seems practical but will not help you in long term. Suppose you visit the site, and you see 10 ads surrounded by tiny content. Will you stay on that site for even three seconds ??

by adding too many ads is cannibalizing your own earning. Just keep 2- 3 ads with different position and you’ll see people taking a look at your content and clicking on your ads too.

4. I should get $2 for thousand page loads – as I have traffic from US, UK

:- It’s a myth. No one can pay you such high rates unless someone buys your traffic by contacting you personally or from buySellAds. Most of the ad networks will pay you around $0.01-$.015. Best CPM networks like tribal fusion, gorilla nation can pay $0.50 with good fill rate. If they pay around $0.75 then the fill rate is low.

Adnetworks pay for Unique views. not for page loads. They are tracked using IP address and cookies. Most of the readers are not aware of that try to calculate revenue with respect to page loads. This is same for the pop networks too.

(Please comment and let me know if you wish to correct any of my points)

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  1. I don’t agree with your second point. If CPM ask for conversion, there is no need to classify CPM networks, instead they should be named as CPC or CPA networks.

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