Make Money With LinkVehicle

LinkVehicle is virtually a site which will appeal to all those looking to make fast income off their site, but also to those seeking to increase their webpage’s SEO rating cheaply and easily. There are many ways in which one can start earning with the help of this service, and this article aims to give you a better insight over all of them.


Make money by placing text-ads on your blog

If you own a blog or a small website which gets a lot of visitors daily then you can use LinkVehicle to boost your passive income. This works mostly in the same way as Google AdSense, with the only exception that you’ll be paid right from the start and not only when someone clicks on the ads. The money that you earn can quickly build up, and your payment will be sent once on the 1st day of each month (e.g. January 1, February 1 etc.) There are a lot of advertisers who are seeking to promote their products and or services, and you get to choose exactly which ones receive ad space on your blog.

Once you’re ready to start earning by hosting people’s text-ads all you have to do is to install a small script on your site, wait for someone to purchase advertising space and then approve their ads on your site if you’re happy with their products offer. In order to improve your chances of making the requester happy and keeping the ads on your site for longer it’d be best to place them on the sidebar or template of your site, and also make them blend with the background. Once you start earning money it’s good to know that you’ll receive as much as 50% of the revenue your ads make, and the payment will be sent easily and conveniently through Paypal at the beginning of each month.

Make money by writing reviews

If you’re a blogger who regularly posts new articles you’ll be happy to know LinkVehicle can get you in touch with people who’ll pay you only to write small reviews of their sites/products. The good news is that you’re already writing articles, so why not get paid for it too? All you have to do is register your blog in the marketplace for free, and the guys from the support center will contact you each time someone pays for his review to be written.

Each article piece that you write must be at least two hundred words long, but of course it has to follow the requester’s requirements too. If you’re unhappy with an advertiser’s demands you can simply reject their project. On the other hand, if you’re too busy to write the review the guys from this site can write it for you for a small tax. Once your article is approved the money will be drew into your account. The payment will be then sent to you through Paypal on the 1st day of each month.

Get quality traffic for your website

If you’d rather use LinkVehicle to receive high-quality visitors for your webpage, you can also do that very easily. Once you register with them you get to choose from two options of promoting your site: either through text-ads or reviews. Then you’ll pay a small one-time flat rate and let the publishers do the rest of your work.

One of the main advantages of using this service is that you can request a free proposal at first or get in touch with the SEO experts directly before purchasing. This allows you to choose where your ads will be hosted and also to get in touch with your publisher directly.


LinkVehicle is a great service both for those who are seeking to promote their website/products/services as well as for those who are willing to make a nice income off their blog. Regardless on which side you position yourself you can’t go wrong by using the tools they offer.


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