What is PPV?

Short Definition

PPV, or pay-per-view, is a type of advertising where you pay a service to display your ad and you pay each time your website or landing page is shown to a potential visitor.

Long Definition

PPV is a unique type of advertising that has come to light more and more recently. It has been around for a long time, but only recently has it been realized as a very profitable source of advertising if done properly.

But how does PPV advertising work? When users install adware, like Smileys or MyWebSearch, their activities are highly tracked. So, when they visit a certain site, often times those adware companies will then sell pop-up ads to increase their companies revenue.

While people may think that no one clicks or even looks at pop-up ads, you may be right. Many of us don’t, that is not the general user. If someone is searching a site and another site pops up that pertains to the site they are looking at, there actually is a good chance that people will click on it.

That is how PPV works! You pop-up the ad to the consumer and hope that they will find it interesting enough to click on it and do what you want them to do on your site. You do pay each time it is shown, so you have to make sure it is targeted, or you will burn through your entire budget quickly.

Also, with PPV, advertisers offer you targeting either based on keywords or URL. So, if you want people with adware installed on their computer to see your ad when they visit ESPN.com, you can target that URL. You pay on a bidding system, just like PPC, and the highest bidder gets the bulk of the traffic.

One other type of targeting that you can use with PPV, although I don’t recommend it, is keyword targeted, just like PPC. If you use the keyword sports, your ad will show to any site or page that is related to sports. I don’t like this because it is too broad. With URL targeting, you know exactly where your ads are showing at all times and what is or isn’t working.

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