How to Make Money Blogging

Many people say that blogging is already dead but to those who are still earning with their blogs, blogging is still the trend of online business.  Blogging for money or blogging in order to earn money is not an easy job.  While some people are earning real money blogging; most bloggers are not earning money from their blogs because they are not working very hard or they just don’t have the knack on how to make blogging a source of income.

You can earn money blogging.  That is a fact.  In fact several bloggers are still earning money from their blogs.

How then can you earn money blogging?

Start by finding your niche

First, you have to make a little research in order to find out what people are really looking online.  There are millions and millions of people searching for things online; from gadgets, how to’s, healthy tips, information, entertainment, fashion, food and name what.  You should choose one from these niche and research more on how to start a blog about it.

Start with one category

The best thing to do is find one category where you are knowledgeable and concentrate on it.  If you have the knack for business and you want to help people build their own business then start a blog with the aim to help people start their own business.  Perhaps you can offer tips on how to start a business.

Write as often as you can

Remember that the content of your blog will determine how many visitors will visit your site.  Post as often as you can so that those who will visit your site will have a reason to come back.  If the visitors will not find new things in your blog, they have no reason to go back.

Promote your blog

Promote your blog as often as you can so that people will find your blog.  You can use social networking sites to promote your blog.  You can use word of mouth also.  Tell your friends, family and workmates that you have a blog so that they will visit it.  You can also create backlinks by linking to other sites and commenting on other blogs.

Post ads

You can post ads from Google Adsense.  Every time someone clicks on the ads on your blog you will earn money.  How much more if someone will buy a product using the link on the ads that you posted on your blog?

Posting ads on your blog is one of the best ways to earn money but if nobody is visiting your blog then you cannot earn anything so the first thing you should do is to build traffic to your site.

If you are a first time blogger, you will find blogging very hard but once you start building traffic you will be able to put things in order and start making money.  Earning money from your blog is not an instant process.  You have to establish your blog first and build traffic then money will follow.


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