How to Monetize News Sites with Ads

Making money from a news site is no longer a myth if you understand the available online revenue streams. Even better, you need to figure out which specific revenue stream will make you earn money from home while also allowing your site to flourish. But monetizing your site traffic with Ads isn’t as easy as staking on pragmatic play slot machines to win big money. You first have to focus on improving the site quality and the ingenious use of the available monetization methods. Here are ways to make money online from monetizing your site with Ads.

1.      Publish Paid Content on Your News Site

Publication of paid articles is one of the easiest ways of monetizing your news site today. Additionally, paid articles are also a famous link-building method, making it vital for your site’s SEO optimization. The strategy also does more for your site regarding promotion and managing its standing.

For a news site, publishing paid articles remains one of the best ways to make money if it has content that targets a specific audience group. This is if the site specializes in relevant topics, with links to other websites. Ideally, such content needs to promote a particular product as opposed to a generalized ad.

Even so, this monetization strategy requires you to develop top-notch blog ideas that make money without necessarily harming your site’s reputation. For that reason, the site needs to mark any paid articles as ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ to differentiate them from any other content on the site.

2.      Sell Ad Space on Your Site

Selling Ad Space on your website is also an easy way to make money from online advertisements. You can develop a pricing strategy for each space on your site, depending on how it displays the content. For instance, Ads on the Sidebar banner may not earn as much money as those appearing on top of the site page.

Furthermore, earning money from Ad space depends on the number of visitors you get. Usually, the amount of money is quoted as per the impressions garnered. It may be valued at $10 per 1000 impressions, meaning 1,000,000 impressions or visits will translate into $10000.

Selling Ad space is considered one of the best ways to make money from your established news site since it only depends on the traffic you get. Therefore, developing good content that generates traffic is all you need to get the numbers and the impressions. You can also sell the Ad space directly from your website by setting a constant price. Here, your pricing depends on your site’s perceived net worth and reputation.

3.      Paid Subscriptions

Currently, most news sites make money by selling full access to their content. This approach only works out if you have a news site that churns out high-quality content, has an unblemished reputation, and commands a large audience. In this case, people will have no choice paying money to gain access to your website or its unique and exclusive content.

Using this method requires a high level of consistency in quality delivery. Failure to that may drastically reduce the number of visitors to your site and reduce the money you earn per subscription. High-standing online news sites such as the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal utilize paid subscriptions to monetize their content. These news sites leverage their readership ratings and their global reputation to make easy money.

However, this strategy will be easier to implement if you’ve stayed long in the business. Better yet, the more content your site churns out, the more successful a subscription program is likely to be.

4.      Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is affiliated with Google AdSense. But you can also make money by operating independently. This method of monetizing your site is not the best since the money you earn is much lower than what you could make by selling to advertisers directly.

You can make $1 to $2 per click, depending on your agreement with the advertiser. To earn good money from PPC advertising, you need to build a news site with a vast appeal.

Paid per click advertising can also be an excellent way to make money from a new blog in content publication. You can utilize it for filling any display advertising slots on your blog site that would otherwise remain empty.

5.      Approaching Advertisers Directly

Today, most businesses value the power of local dailies and local news sites in promoting and growing their businesses. These businesses offer the best opportunity for startup news sites that want to make money through sponsorship deals. As a news site, you can approach them for advertisement deals at a reduced price even as you work to build your way up.

However, challenges related to hooking up with potential advertisers mean that this may take quite a while before you make good money out of this strategy. During this period, focusing on solid reporting and delivering well-informed content is the only way to persuade and attract advertisers.

6.      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves reviewing and advertising products on your website for money. By creating affiliate links, you can make money in the form of commissions when readers buy the products from your news site.

For a news site that’s not fully developed, affiliate marketing can be an easy way to make money if you have considerable traffic.

Final Word

Monetizing your news site and earning from it can be both an exciting and demanding experience. But if you dedicate your time to consistently developing unique features and driving traffic, you’ll attract enough traffic and make money in the process. Another secret is diversifying the income streams and ensuring you have more than one way of making money on your site.

What are your thoughts on the above ways to make money from news sites?  Please share with us your thoughts in the comments.

About The Author:

Thomas Glare has more than ten years of combined experience in content, editing, and copywriting. He’s also participated in hackathons, mentored startups, and has served with digital agencies (with clients such as Disney) and as the Marketing Manager for a B2B software company.

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