HLA Media(Closed)

HLA Media

HLA Media Network Description

HLA Media is a global ad network that specializes in performance based marketing and advertising. As a leading international advertising network, our strength is the partnerships we build between publishers and advertisers. The foundation is our exclusive ad serving platform, the cutting edge technology that delivers campaign profitability and success. Combine partnerships, technology and our highly qualified professionals, you can be sure that HLA Media is one of the leading advertising & publishing ad networks around.

Joining HLA Media is extremely easy. Register today as an advertiser or publisher and you can be creating and managing ad campaigns within an hour. Our ad solutions offer the ability to monetize all types of traffic, such as video, display and mobile. Additionally, you can run a variety of campaigns, including CPA, CPM, and CPC. Our technology platform allows you to efficiently manage your inventory across multiple categories and placements.

Revenue Optimization
With HLA Media’s ad serving technology improves and optimizes your ad campaigns in real time. We provide our clients with real-time reporting technology. The technology allows advertisers to increase the banner weight based on that particular campaigns popularity. Additionally, clients can track the number of conversions per a specific landing page. It’s very effective to be able to track the number of installations and downloads. The ad serving algorithm manages campaigns based on the ad performance. Data is collected over a period of 2 weeks in real time, and generates quality reports and metrics.

Customer Service
When you join HLA Media, whether you are an advertiser or publisher, you are a partner. We provide a dedicated account manager that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. As the leading international advertising network, we have client partners all over the globe. We welcome you to join HLA Media today. When you join the HLA Media ad network, expect performance marketing at its finest. Better targeting, increase your ROI, gain receive international experience, boost your revenue & have quality support.

HLA Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPC,CPM,POP,CPA,CPL
Minimum Payment: $ 100
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire, Moneybooker, Western Union
Country: Israel, Argentina
Contact: Telephone:  0097297932111
Email: [email protected]
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HLA Media Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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7 Responses to "HLA Media(Closed)"

  1. 12345 says:

    agree, it is scam
    Noone replies me, from CEO to account managers

  2. Olivia Davies says:

    HLA Media is by far the worst ad network I have ever worked with and it seems I’m not the only one who have experienced a problem with them. No reply and no payment. Just a scam. Be carefull!

  3. fabiencergy says:

    This company is a total scam. Never trust theim !!

    I lost several thousand dollars because of theim. Don’t waste your time, energy and traffic with theim !

    They won’t even send reply when you ask about payment, several month after the date you should got it…


  4. jackt8282 says:

    Scam confirm.

    No replay after request payment.

  5. Akhil says:

    if somebody have traffic for USA and Canada, Do let me know. We can do good business together.

  6. Krx says:

    The same

    No any reply from Hla side after payment date . This is really scam .

  7. Anson says:

    It is Scam.
    when they need to payment,They never reply for me.

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