ExAd Network Description

Discovery benefits of being publisher of ExAd.me. Firstly, you don’t need wait for a payment. In our network you always get it instantly by PayPal or up to 48 hours by Wire Transfer.

Secondly, we pay for every impression even if there is no active campaign for your website! Don’t worry about advertisers, we make everything for you.

Thirdly, we give you fully statistics updated every hour. You have absolute control of your earnings including history reports available by API.

Instant & no minimum payments by Paypal, Payza & OKPay Wire Transfer payments up to 48 hours
Counting every impression, even non-uv Fully statistics updated every hour.

ExAd Network Details
Commission Type: CPM
Minimum Payment:
No Minimum
Payment Frequency: Request, Instant
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire transfer,  Payza & OKPay
Country: US
Email: [email protected]
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ExAd Payment Proof
exad-me payment
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53 Responses to "ExAd(Closed)"

  1. Leah Austin says:

    ExAd is not scam , they really pay , but they have problems , the ads doesnt shows anymore on websites , i have they will come back soon.

  2. vaipy says:

    SCAM, SCAM.SCAM.. When I asked for the money the first time they gave me. When we asked for money the second time they have closed my account. Pay attention …

  3. Danilo says:

    Big scam!!!! I do not make multiple logins. Aspect to their $ 50

  4. Hero0o says:

    I got paid yesterday…

  5. Webmaster says:

    Maybe people who told that ExAd is scam try to prove that information? In other network you wait many days for the payment. In my network you usually get payment instantly but SOMETIMES instant payment system don’t work properly and then you have to wait few days – so how the hell can you tell that I am scammer because you wait few days more.

    The funniest that all bad comments are written by people who earn few cents.

    Yeah I am scammer, lol. Proof bellow.

  6. Malik says:

    Its also pay me two payments

  7. ndeso says:

    wait and see
    this is scam

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