ValuePubMedia Network Description

Let the VPM Network manage your ad space and you’ll never have to worry about your inventory going unsold again. Not only do we offer a 100% fill rate, but also the highest eCPM available for your inventory as your ad space will be bid on by 100’s of direct advertisers, demand partners, DSPs, and major exchanges.
Our various ad formats and targeting options can help you drive traffic, increase presence, target customers, and even build brand awareness. Let our system take the guess work out of campaign management. Easily manage multiple campaigns, set daily caps, view stats, and even have campaigns auto-recharged upon completion.

ValuePubMedia Network Details
Commission Type: CPC, CPM
Minimum Payment: $ 5
Payment Frequency: NET 15
Payment Method: Paypal,Cheque
Check, paypal, Bank Wire
Contact: Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
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ValuePubMedia Payment Proof
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Rating: 2.8/5 (42 votes cast)
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Rating: -7 (from 29 votes)

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111 Responses to "ValuePubMedia(Closed)"

  1. Unfortunately I have a bad experience.
    This site uses the corrupt and fraudulent ideas.
    I asked at the ordinary static banner 728×90 and you know what happened?
    Opening a pop-up.
    But this is not an ordinary pop-up, but a pop-up that prompts you to install and is consisted of the virus. Briefly fraud.
    The lowest rate I’ve ever had.
    I do not recommend these ads and advise away from these crooks.

  2. Alex B. says:

    ok i’m test a lot of days in may browser but don’t see any auto download or any other thank, may thy fix it or you make mistake….

  3. yunita says:

    i use valuepub media at my website they have malware to install

    becarefull i has contact them but nothing respons…

  4. What is the average CPC rate for indian Traffic ? which one is the better qadabra or valuepubmedia??? any idea please………..

  5. Jay says:

    Site seems to go down quite a bit/load very slow. They need some new servers!

  6. gurveen says:

    Value pub media sucks do not use it.

    Today i put their ad codes on my website after few hours i opened my website in opera instead of firefox and everytime i clicked on my site i was forced redirected some ad.

    It was all fine after removing their code.

    Value Pub Media Sucks……………… Worst………. Untrustworthy…………….

  7. dion says:

    Slow payment january 2014

    • Darmy says:

      i’m gate my jan payment by Bank Wire .
      well little slow.

      • dion says:

        very very slow, My earnings has not been paid till now, is this a scam? gate payment is paypal.

        • Darmy says:

          Hi, Dion
          i’m gate my payment every month by my paypal.
          but these month when i e-mail for don’t gate payment
          thy inform us have some paypal issue so thy delay all paypal payments and if i interest i can gate my payment by Bank Wire .
          and in a day i gate my payment.
          normally i gate my every month payment on the end of the month .
          for me thy are not Scam.

  8. Alex B. says:

    i’m active the pop under and wait for when its run.
    thy tell its coming soon.

  9. Miley says:

    I’m just sign up now
    and my site is reject .
    i have a site of PTP .
    any one know CPM bases site who allow PTP ?

  10. Oly says:

    Good Ad Network US,UK,GR,FR,IN,DE

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