Can You Make Money With Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Are you in need of extra cash? If your answer is “YES” then you are in the right place.Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the many methods of making money online.  Amazon Mechanical Turks (mTurks) are simple tasks offered by companies simply because they cannot be handled by computer programs. The tasks are very easy but can only be handled by humans. They are also known as Human Intelligence tasks (Hits). These companies post these tasks in their mTurk website.

What exactly are these tasks all about?

As you already know, many companies prefer working with machines and programs to reduce the workforce. However, not all tasks can be handled by these machines and therefore the need for human resource arises.  Since these companies avoid hiring the humans directly, they post these tasks in a website where they can be handled by freelancers. The tasks are very easy and may include; searching for specific emails, simple surveys, identifying images/photos, reviews, short articles among others.

How do you access these tasks?

You are only required to sign up as a worker in the mTurk website. These tasks are posted continuously as the workers get assigned to work on them. You can therefore get as many tasks as you wish at any time of the day after signing up. The tasks available are many and therefore you are assured of having as many tasks depending on your speed and the time at your disposal. You can work from home or at your place of work.

What are the remunerations?

Once you sign up for Mechanical Turk Amazon you automatically become m Turk workforce ready to get the Hits. The payments depend on the Turk work provided and the experience. Many Hits range from 0.1 bucks to 0.15 bucks or even 2 dollars. This may seem very low but such tasks only take 20 seconds indicating that you can receive $18 within an hour. However, we cannot overlook the fact that the tasks are not paid on the same rate. We have tasks that range between 3-5 dollars. That sounds better. So the amount you earn therefore depends on your speed and experience. In addition, some companies have bonuses for well done jobs. It’s therefore necessary to do the best for you to earn credit from such companies. It’s important to note that you only get paid when your Hits have been accepted. The more Hits that get accepted from your account, the more you earn and build your platform for better paying Hits. We have Turk workforce who earn their daily bread from this work.  It’s easy and fun to work at Mechanical Turk Amazon.

How do you get paid?

Once you have submitted your Hits and they have been accepted, Amazon Mechanical Turk transfers money from the companies account to your AGCA (Amazon Gift Certificate Account). The money can now be transferred from this account to your bank.

If you are looking for a simple way to make a little extra cash, sign up for your chance to earn with Amazon Mechanical Turk.


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