Facebook Graph Search Impacts

Facebook Graph Search ImpactsFacebook recently released Graph Search which is a powerful new way to search for just about anything you can imagine!  Facebook has a nice introductory page available which provides videos and information on Graph Search along with the ability to test out a search.  However, the really interesting part of the equation is how Facebook Graph Search will impact Internet marketers.

The most obvious impact is for your Facebook Page.  Properly categorizing your Facebook Page is now very important due to Graph Search.  In addition, making sure your Page has the correct keywords on it will help make sure it shows up in the most relevant Graph Search results.  SEO on Facebook is critical to being shown in Graph Search results.  Facebook has provided a helpful video about SEO for your Facebook Page.

If you spend any advertising dollars on Facebook, you will be happy to hear that Graph Search is making Facebook Ad targeting much more relevant.  How so?  Users are taking the time to be included in Graph Search by filling out their profiles and their likes.  More complete user data spells better targeted ads for marketers.

Facebook Graph Search also impacts your SEM efforts.  If Facebook has no results to display, it pulls in results from Bing.  Is Bing part your Search Engine Marketing strategy?  In the past many marketers have stuck only with Google for SEM but with the power of Facebook behind them, this is a huge win for Bing!

Overall, Graph Search looks like it is poised be a great asset for Internet marketers in many ways.


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  1. sasaasso says:

    Facebook Graph is very useful

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    Facebook Graph useful service Thank you for your article

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