POPcash Network Description
This network have good rate for you and pay for all country. It is easy to use, you must registred, add website, get code and after you put code in website you will get money.Our network has a bidding system with own advertisers and premium networks, Our own advertisers can make money deposits directly to PopCash.Net.

We don’t have fixed rates because of our bidding(and many others factors) all eCPMs are fully dynamic.

We allowed all websites : adult, warez, streaming !

POPcash Network Details
Commission Type: pop-under, adult ad
Minimum Payment: $ 10
Payment Frequency: Request (Daily Payments or few hours after request)
Payment Method: Paypal / Paxum / Payza
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:  Skype : popcashnet / YM : popcashnet
Email: [email protected]  [email protected]
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POPcash Payment Proof

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107 Responses to "POPcash"

  1. Mike says:

    Because popcash is scam and disgusting liar, lie to the publisher’s money,dosn’t pay me, you will go bankrupt sooner or later, you don’t talk about integrity, fuck your mom.$4.79 you should buy coffins for you. You are a shameless swindler and a liar. You will be rewarded sooner or later.God won’t spare you, this disgusting liar.你么popcash迟早遭报应,你妈的广告公司,你们真恶心,专坑发布者的钱,你们这样下去不会长久的,你们不讲诚信,那$4.79就当给你们买棺材,操你妈的逼,你们这些狗娘养的杂种,乞丐。神不会原谅你们。你们必遭报应。$4.79就当喂狗了。祝你们早死早超生,早日公司倒闭!敢欺负中国人的不会有好下场,你们这帮强盗,死洋鬼子。老子花了时间和精力,为了互惠互利,为网站增加流量。一开始的第一天放广告,你们怎么不说你网站traffic不行啊?不支付金额,就找各种借口和虚假的理由乱封号。你们良心被狗吃了,死洋鬼子。老子要骂到你们死为止,连老子的钱都敢骗!我是中国人,我要让更多人知道你们是骗子公司!骗老子钱的司马死全家!大家来评理!洋鬼子骗中国人的钱,吃了熊心豹子胆了吧!祝你们染上艾滋病,popcash狗杂种。老子一想起你们,就要骂,骂到你们这些洋骗子强盗土匪死为止!

  2. Mike says:

    垃圾骗子popcash广告联盟,popcash is scam, dosn’t pay me!我是中国人,洋骗子死全家!


  3. Mike says:

    popcash is scam and disgusting liar, dosn’t pay me, popcash是scam,垃圾骗子popcash广告联盟死全家!我是中国人,洋骗子死全家!

  4. sellonline.ueuo.com says:

    i think popcash may be legit

  5. TheAdultwebmaster says:

    Got paid! Reliable!

  6. Phenicia says:

    Super fast payment ! WOW !!!
    In some minutes!!!
    Good support and fast on skype !

  7. Eric280 says:

    I’ve start working with them 1 year ago as a test and now Popcash is my main ad network. I appreciate their great support, always received an answer from them every time I needed. All the payments were processed on time even during the holidays or weekends.
    I will stick with them as long as possible.
    Great job guys!

  8. ap_6289 says:

    PopCash are the best !!!
    They have better rates than any other network, i always received the payments in a matter of hours and they have great live support on Skype.
    I receive great support in real time whenever i want.
    I greatly recommend PopCash.net

  9. berry-san says:

    im working with them for almost 2 year, and everything was very nice with the payments in time and i got good rates for my traffic

  10. Alexia Kyparissou says:

    my account was blocked

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