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eZanga’s contextual advertising technology offers a more rewarding and beneficial web experience for internet users. When website content is paired with an advertisement containing the same subject matter, the result will be increased traffic and revenue for both the advertisers and publishers. By contextually targeting online users, they will be more inclined to click on advertisements related to their own interests.

Our technology methodically identifies the content on pages within our advertising network and only ties relevant ads to those pages. We manually and automatically review, manage and optimize our technology to assure all ads are being properlyAd Systemsdelivered.

Network-We draw our publisher network from the infinite amount of web pages on the World Wide Web. We continuously strive to maintain a distinguished collection of the highest quality adult sites on the web.

Contextual System—
We are able to recognize the content of thousands of publisher web sites on our network of networks. Our system consistently crawls web pages to identify and classify the context of each individual site by using unique algorithm.

Categories/ Keywords
Our contextual system is capable of systematically categorizing lists of the most relevant channels and keywords for web pages in our network. What we end up with is pages perfectly matched and blended with related and appropriate ads.

Ad Systems
Our advertisers are able to choose specific keywords to target their advertisement to the right audience. Our technology allows us to automatically pair these keywords and channels to relevant web pages to reach a highly qualified and targeted audience.


Contextual System
These content related advertisement and web page matches are viewed and displayed to the most influential audiences. This generates the most interest in the ads by using the least amount of resources for the campaigns and getting the highest earnings to the publishers.

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