Boost your sales with New Adnow Self-Serve Platform

We are proud to introduce the new Adnow Self-Serve Platform for Native Advertising.

The highly anticipated result of our engineering effort, the sleek Platform offers a completely intuitive interface and unprecedented efficiency in driving customers to your business.

Adnow Self-Serve Platform relies on self-learning neural networks to find the most relevant audience for your ads. Set basic targeting by location, device, OS, provider and connection type, and let our smart algorithm do the rest. There is no need to manually fine-tune your target settings missing some of your potential clients! Serving ads, the system constantly gets feedback from users, learns from it and improves the audience profile, which boosts CTR enabling us to give you the best price. We use data mining and machine learning algorithms to maximize your audience with a high CTR for the bid amount you set ‒ in other words, help you get more quality audience with much less effort at the same price. Easier than ever ‒ fast, constantly improving and ultra precise!

Create your campaign in 5 minutes:


Now you can reach:

5 billion views per month

900 million users per month

150,000 partners worldwide

107 countries

Achieve global exposure. Adnow works with 150,000 partners in 107 countries, displays 160,000,000 impressions per day both on desktop and mobile.

Manage your campaign. Get instant access and timely advice from our local language support team.

Choose you budget. Set any budget limit you want. You can start small – the minimum bid is $0.01.


Remember, your ads go through RTB auction on CPC model. Be realistic, start with a budget and bids that will let you test our capabilities of winning the best spot at the lowest price for your ad.

Generate the highest revenue with best selling product categories on high-quality traffic sources.

Adnow provides 100% native traffic. We work directly with publishers. Pre-moderated and safe, all our websites have search (60%) and social traffic core with a highly engaged audience. Average Adnow ad has about 1% CTR.

Products verticals Traffic sources


Weight loss


Mobile Apps





News – 26%

Fashion – 11%

Films and series – 16%

Blogs and forums – 8%

Health and beauty – 5%

Cooking – 6%


Get started at!

Start your campaign, be creative, reach your audience, get sales today!

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