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Whenever we talk about online advertising network including Adsense, Yahoo Bing Network then the most trusted name which comes out is only Infolinks. It is the most In-text based online Advertising network as well as one of the largest Advertising platform for both parties Advertiser and Publisher. Factors which act like a success key for Infolinks is there new way of Advertising on websites. It also work like best alternative with other ad networks because its totally advertise with different concept. Infolinks is a trusted In-text advertising program which offers publishers with a variety of options to monetize blogs and webpages. One more cool thing about Infolinks is that, it can be used with Google AdSense. Getting approved is a very easy task and setting up ads on your blog is more easier. You can refer to some videos or other blog posts if you want to learn how to integrate infolinks on your site.

If you’re searching for a better way to make money through your websites, InfoLinks is a great way to begin with. It’s not only a good alternative to AdSense but when used it right, you can make decent income from your websites using InfoLinks.

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There are many Brand, companies who invest in Infolinks advertising platform just because of their Advance digital marketing technique. In Infolinks Advertiser can easily create their campaign in Self-serve marketplace. If your business is just in the starting period and you don’t have big budget for advertising in Adwords then Infolinks is best option for you to get genuine traffic for conversion. Infolinks having number of benefits as compare to other advertising platform. Now in these days Normal user can easily judge between normal site content and advertisement. So CTR ratio for Banner ads become lesser as compare to keyword based advertising.

Reasons Why to Choose Infolinks ?

One thing which you will like about Infolinks is, it’s easy to set up and once you have set it up, you don’t have to do much. It will automatically start showing ads on your blog, and you will start making money right away. Now before you jump with the joy, you should know that it takes time to earn decent income from Infolinks. You need to have decent search engine traffic and ensure you get traffic from countries like U.S. and U.K. to earn high CPM on Infolinks.

Well honestly, there are hundreds of programs which sounds like the same and promise to be one of the best advertising network, but when it comes to payment, you will face lots of issues. Well infolinks is not a scam website and pays within payout time. They offer various payment options like Paypal, Western Union, Bank wire transfer, Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card and eCheck / Local bank Transfer. Here are some more details:
Bank Wire Transfers – $25 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency
PayPal – US Residents $1, everyone else 2% up to $10
eCheck – $6 plus 2% for currency conversion
Western Union – $15 minimum
ACH and Payoneer – No fees


Infolinks Approval process much easier than other publisher platforms. If your blog is good and receives few impressions. Then you will get approval in publisher platform. Only few sites which does not matches with program policies got rejected. It work as best alternative for Banner Ads platform like Google Adsense or Yahoo Ads. Just because they offer Keyword based ads in various format of in-text, in-tag, in-frame or in-fold. All these format cover much lesser space as compare to banner based advertisement. Infolinks serves GEO targeted based ads. More importantly Infolinks serves ad in eCPM technique which is formed with combination of CPC and CPM. They offer good rates for eCPM if your blog is based on good Niche and having good traffic.

Infolinks also have an Android app and iOS app, you can use it to monitor the performance of your account from your mobile phone.

Making money from blog is more from the personal experience and in my opinion Infolinks is one of the best text link ads program. Do let us know if you are using Infolinks on your blog. What other networks are you guys using now and how do you feel about it? Please share your experience with us and leave a comment.

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