CPVLink Network Description

Welcome to our URL shortener network. CPVLink.com is not only a convenient service to start avoiding those long URLs while sharing them online but a great way to make extra CASH as well!

All you have to do is to wrap your long URLs into CPVLink.com short links and share them online the way you would normally do with your regular URLs. The only difference is that right now you are making MONEY! Every time surfers click on your short links posted by you online to the blogs, forums, social networks, websites, etc. they will see a short ad and YOU will get PAID!

Don’t waste your time and opportunity. Register at CPVLink.com and start making money right now!

Check our competitive Payout Rates! The minimum payout is only $5! Get paid via PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Epese, WebMoney.

CPVLink Network Details
Commission Type: CPM, URL shortener
Minimum Payment: $ 5
Payment Frequency: Per Request
Payment Method: paypal, payza, epese, payoneer, webmoney
Country: USA
Contact: Telephone:  +1 (775) 434.8718
Email: [email protected]
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CPVLink Payment Proof
CPVLink Publisher Payment
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62 Responses to "CPVLink(Closed)"

  1. Samin says:

    Why CPV link closing the advert for publishers now 🙁 It was the best link shortener 🙁

  2. Malik Asif says:

    cpvlink pay my first payment via paypal but on second payment they asked me my traffic boot traffic or fraud traffic. they are big scam.

  3. blackingdom says:

    CPV Link is Legit and Profesional site,,better than adfly,linkbucks or adfoc.
    if u r try to use bot (low quality) or fake traffic they will easy detect u,,but if u have real visitor they will pay you,,

    if u say they scam,,post here your traffic source

    cpvlink publisher.

  4. dar76 says:

    cpvlink legit network, he always pays, perhaps cpvlink rules too strict, so many people who say cpvlink scam, I was rejected several times, but after my visitors approved by the CPV and I became premium publisher then I get $ 1.5 cpm recomended

    • Can anyone tell me about the payment settings because i didn’t find nothing at all at the members area. I know only it pays via Paypal, i already have an account on Paypal, but also i couldn’t find stats for profit from my links.

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