MOBILE ADVERTISING INDUSTRY TRENDS IN 2013Not surprising, as the online advertising industry has been growing for many years, industry analysts expect that growth to continue in 2013 and beyond but in ways that diverge from previous years. There are several themes to which it is imperative for digital marketers pay attention so they can be successful in their campaigns for the upcoming year.

First, the focus on mobile advertising will increase so as to make it more mainstream. This means that rich media formats will be increasingly found in mobile advertising, using more interaction, more photos and more videos, with video technology in the lead so as to enable advertisers to get more value from their budgets for digital media.

In addition to using rich media formats that will grab the attention of consumers, there will be a shift towards better performance in mobile advertising as better response times can increase the number of leads and enhance ROI.

Mobile advertising will also become smarter in the next year. More and more people are relying on their mobile Internet phones rather than their desktop computers for information and resources and so advertisers will need to spent time evaluating the behavioral patterns and mobile habits of their customers so they can create advertising campaigns that are smarter, contextual and more relevant and engaging. Advertisers will need to learn how to leverage the mobile platform so it can be to their best advantage.

Social media will also play an important role in mobile advertising. In previous years, display advertising such as ad networks, search engines like Google and rich media options like iAds dominated mobile advertising. However, in 2013, Facebook is planning to expand its offerings to online advertisers with more targeting, new formats and better attribution enabling advertising on Facebook to grow astronomically this year. In addition, mobile advertising on Facebook has been shown to be 42 percent more effective than its standard display ads and becomes even more so when rich media types are used. Social media will become the best way to reach mobile customers Finally, new forms of mobile advertising as well as new players will enter the market. Telcos and operator networks that have failed to participate in mobile advertising in the past will now get on board and find opportunities in emerging markets. Tablets, such as iPads and Surface, will be involved in mobile advertising consequently leading to the emergence of new formats and the growth of display advertising on mobile platforms.



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