Media Nexus Network(Closed)


Media Nexus Network Description

Media Nexus Network is a digital advertising network providing holistic solutions to bloggers, influencers, and website owners. We strategize, conceptualize, optimize, and connect brands with publishers.

Media Nexus Network Details
Commission Type: CPM
Minimum Payment: 10 minimum for Paypal, $1000 minimum for Wire Transfer
Payment Frequency: Request, Daily
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire
Country: USA & Canada
Contact: Telephone: +1 (800) 979-0284
Email: [email protected]
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Media Nexus Payment Proof
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39 Responses to "Media Nexus Network(Closed)"

  1. Qhan says:

    This is the most incompetent ad company I have ever worked with in the last three years. They don’t know good traffic from bad traffic and have no idea how to run a proper business. All their reviews are also paid for by the few publishers they actually pay.

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  3. Jim Quinn says:

    Media Nexus is a slimy company that pays people to provide false positive reviews.

    They have replaced all of their ad code with Google Ad code.

    They will do as they are told by Google.

    Just another media whore company.

  4. Jim Quinn says:

    Media Nexus approached me three months ago and begged me to sign up for their ad service. Roy Miller made a strong pitch to join his program.

    I signed up and their ads received 25,000 to 30,000 impressions per day. I averaged about $8 per day of revenue.

    I replaced Google AdSense with Media Nexus as Google had attempted to censor my site.

    One week ago Roy informed me they had partnered with Google, but nothing would change between Media Nexus and myself.

    On Thursday Roy emailed that they were terminating me. Google had instructed them to terminate my account. Media Nexus is now Google’s new whore.

    I wrote a post about what Media Nexus and Google had done. Within two hours of the post my site experienced a denial of service attack that continues today.

    Media Nexus is also refusing to pay me the advertising revenue EARNED prior to termination.

    Do not trust Media Nexus. They are doing Google’s bidding.

    • Shelley says:


      It seems I’m not the only one who have experienced a problem with MediaNexus. Roy Miller also contacted me and made a strong pitch to join up with them.

      My experience with them is eerily familiar with yours. Strangely enough, after writing the review on here and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, my website was also attacked.

      I read up on MediaNEXUS – before signing – and signed because of their great reviews, but that was before I found out they were paying for positive reviews. Thank you for writing a review – they didn’t pay for – as it will hopefully help others who are considering working with them.

  5. Shelley says:

    Media Nexus reached out to me and asked me to run ads on their site. I got several emails back and forth from them while they were trying to convince me to sign up. I signed up, and put their ads on my site. Three days later my account was (incorrectly) terminated due to inflating impressions which was against the rules.

    I contacted them and received a message from a director, Mike Dusome, stating my account had been incorrectly flagged by their system and he re-instated my account. About 2 days later I contacted them for help with the new tags. I received the reply “At this time, we do not have a demand for your site.”

    I was confused, so I asked what happened. Mike Dusome replied. I was told that my site had 150 visits from some ip addresses and that wasn’t possible. My site posts pictures. If there were 150 urls with written content visited, I’d understand that, but it’s not. He then sent me an excel spreadsheet showing the urls visited, along with the times – down to the second – that they visited my site. If he’d taken the time to actually look at my site, he would have seen that the urls were visited in the order they were posted to my site. The person sat down at the computer and clicked ‘next’ over and over and went through 150 pictures in a little over 2 hours. His ‘proof’ that there was illegal activity on my site actually proves that there’s not.

    I have had the site for over 2 years. A year ago I had my website trademarked and it is registered in the USPTO database. The process was long and expensive. I wouldn’t do anything illegal on my site that would put it at risk after putting that much time and energy into it. Besides that obvious fact, I don’t appreciate being accused of improper or illegal behavior with no recourse to defend myself.

    His last correspondence stated that he was going to then contact my current advertisers and notify them of my illegal activity. It’s too bad they take their time trying to -improperly- ruin the reputation of their publishers rather than actually talking to or with their publishers and hearing them out.

    So, not only is this a company *not* to get into business with, if you are accused – with no proof – of doing something wrong, they then go out of their way to screw you over with other ad companies.

    • Shelley says:

      They also send out emails offering money to people who give them a positive review on this website:

      We are running a program where we will be giving $10 for posting a comment/submitting their proof of payment on that your February 2014 earnings were paid on time, within 7 days of month-end (NET7). After you post the comment, send me an email so I can verify the positive review then the $10 credit will be applied.

      Also you will receive $5 for every positive review on different major forums. ($5 per forum)

      • Mike Dusome says:

        Yes we do offer that program, hence if you look below, the ones that are satisfied with our company will opt for this program. If you are not satisfied with our company, like yourself, of course you will not be writing anything good about our company.

        • Shelley says:

          Someone truly satisfied with your company will write reviews without being paid. Offering to pay people doesn’t get an accurate review of the company. For instance, there are those of us out here who use these sites and reviews to determine whether or not we want to do business with your company. Paying people doesn’t give an accurate reflection of your business. I just find it… interesting – that a company who accused me of unethical business practices (with no proof) thinks that buying positive reviews is ethical.

    • Mike Dusome says:

      Hi Shelley,

      The email I sent you was a termination email, because our system had flagged the traffic from your site as invalid. We saw inflated ad impressions, and if you look through the excel sheet I had provided, it shows there are over 150+ hits on the SAME PAGE, if you look at the referral. We are not talking about 150+ hits from the same IP across your site, we are talking about the same page which is not possible.

      Our decision was to terminate your account as our advertisers are not interested in running on your site. On top of that, your site is banned from Adsense which is another flag for us.

      • Shelley says:


        Yes, I am aware of your reasons. That is why I hired consultants to look into my site and your erroneous claim that led to the termination of my contract. Their findings led me to hire an attorney and make a claim against your company with the Better Business Bureau.

        You claim that the spreadsheet you sent supports illegal activity on my site, but it does not.

        WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT TO ANYONE THINKING OF SIGNING WITH mediaNEXUS is the clause in your contract that states you can terminate a signer’s account if you determine their site to be using fraudulent impressions and, if so, their site would be blacklisted in a database so no other ad companies would be interested in working with them. What the “Salem Witch Clause” (as I like to call it) DOES NOT say is that the determination for fraudulent activity is at the discretion of mediaNEXUS. They do not have to give a reason, they do not have to contact you and if you ever do get a response and find out what you’re accused of doing, you’re given NO OPPORTUNITY to defend yourself and there is NO RECOURSE to contest such a decision.

        I felt comfortable signing, even with that clause, because I know I don’t do anything fraudulent or illegal so I wasn’t worried about it. I didn’t know you could cancel my contract and then blackball me with other companies without any way to contest the claim.

        I have had my site for over 2 years. I went through the long, and expensive, process of trademarking my name and logo. (On file with the US Patent and Trademark Office) I have invested a lot of money in putting that trademark on merchandise, business cards, ads, etc. and then spent thousands making an app for my website as well. I would not jeopardize my business with illegal activity anyway, (because I am not dishonest or unethical), but especially not after investing that much money in it.

        Almost 80% of my visits are from cellphones (via a phone browser or through my phone app- that has had thousands of downloads on iOS and Android devices) The simple fact that the majority of my visitors are on phones is proof – to anyone who knows how websites work – that I’ve not nothing illegal or fraudulent. If you’d taken two seconds, done your job, and actually looked that spreadsheet along side my website, you would have seen that. You, however, suffer from a God complex and would not check for yourself or allow me to give you proof.

        • james says:


  6. Tisha says:

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