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Yellow Ad Network Description
You’ve got the site, the content and the traffic, now its time to turn those eyeballs into revenue. You’ve come to the right place. At Yellow Ad Network we’re always interested in adding high quality, high volume websites to our Strategic Publisher Program. If you can send Yellow Ad Network 1 million impressions monthly (minimum) we encourage you to apply now.A highly trained staff member reviews every single ad we choose to run. We check everything, from the ad itself and underlying code, all the way to the landing page. Anything that does escape our expert staff is typically apprehended by our extensive system monitoring that scans for malicious behavior, drive by downloads, file exploits and malware.

Yellow Ad Network reviews every single application we receive manually. That’s right, a real warm body will review your application in great detail. All potential publishers are subjected to a rigorous review process with several criteria that must be met or exceeded in order to consider the application further. Some of these criteria are related to traffic volumes and quality, some are related to content and others are simply based on the visual appeal of your site.

Yellow Ad Network Details
Commission Type: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL
Minimum Payment: $ 50   Wire ($2000)
Payment Frequency: Weekly, Monthly & Net-60
Payment Method: Paypal, Checks and Wire.
Country: US
Contact: Telephone: 832 539 3535
Email: [email protected]
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Yellow Ad Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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