upLynk Unveils Free Server-side Ad Integration as Part of Its Video Streaming Workflow

LOS ANGELES – upLynk, a video streaming technology provider, announced free ad integration, insertion and analytics capabilities as part of its efforts to simplify the video streaming workflow. The company facilitates HD adaptive streaming by encoding video to a single non-proprietary format that plays across all devices. Ad integration is core to the product, so ads are seamlessly integrated into the content stream, giving users an HD, TV-like experience without any buffering.

upLynk in-stream ad serving is fundamentally different from the traditional method. The integration requires no client-side development or software development kit (SDK). upLynk integrates with any major ad server to insert dynamic ads into the video before it leaves the server, while still delivering unique, targeted ads to each user. upLynk’s ad insertion eliminates ad failure because it builds on upLynk’s unique single format approach to streaming, eliminating moving parts, increasing scalability and reducing errors. Ads are automatically integrated into content on all platforms without any additional cost or complexity.

“When consumers encounter problems in online video playback they quickly move on to another service. Client-side video ad insertion frequently introduces buffering delays and quality issues,” says Colin Dixon, founder and chief analyst of nScreenMedia. “Server-side ad insertion technology, such as the upLynk solution, helps make video playback a quality experience, keeping viewers watching longer.”

The advantage of server-side ad insertion rather than the traditional method is that by moving the ad logic to the server, upLynk provides a better user experience and reduces cost and complexity for both live and on demand streaming. Ads are included in the adaptive stream, eliminating the delay while transitioning between content and ads, and nullifying ad blockers’ effectiveness.

“upLynk leverages its unique playback technology to simplify and scale monetization of both live and on demand video, providing a better experience for users along the way,” said Ken Brueck, Chief Marketing Officer of upLynk. “Our ad server integration is native to our solution, so it works flawlessly. upLynk’s complete solution eliminates the headache of maintaining systems that are integrated after-market.”

Server-side ad integration can be used for both live and on demand streaming, providing ultimate flexibility for content publishers. upLynk replaces live ads with new ones when replaying live-captured content as video on demand (VOD).

Ads will automatically work on any upLynk-supported platform, like iOS, Android, Windows 8 apps, Flash, and Roku. With upLynk, if it works on one platform, it will work everywhere, without an ad SDK.

About upLynk

upLynk streams live and on demand adaptive HD video to major platforms and devices in a fundamentally different way. By using a single adaptive video format across all devices, upLynk removes the duplicate costs of encoding, storage, playback, ad insertion and analytics—eliminating complexity and allowing for simpler, more agile video workflows. Combined with a simple and predictable pricing model, upLynk’s high quality video is uniquely suited for broadcasters already involved in a massive deployment or deploying IP video for the first time.



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