fpcTraffic2 Network Description
Fpctraffic2 is a professional Ad Network that provides the advertising of Blind clicks, Raw clicks, Popunder light, and Popunder. It is operated by Waveflow Inc. located in Ontario, Canada, and was established in 2003. The minimum price of each unique hit is $0.02. But the raw hit has a variety of price, 0.3 cents ($3/1000) for all traffic from Tier1 and Tier2, 0.1 cents ($1/1000) for traffic from Japan, 0.02 cents ($0.20/1000) for traffic from Brazil, Russia, China, Korea and Taiwan and 0.05 cents ($0.50/1000) for all other traffic. When you use the Raw click advertising, you can’t modify any advertising codes. The eCPM rate of Popunder light and Popunder as high as $3.
The Ad Network requires your site must be an adult site, and language is English. Currently it doesn’t support non-English website. Of course, you can’t in any site of Paid to surf, Paid to click and Paid to view to promote your site if you use advertising that comes from Fpctraffic2. If you do any of the things that violate the Advertising Network Terms, your account will be deleted. The same time, if your account is not active within 30 days, your account also will be deleted. Your traffic can’t be generated from pages spawned by or containing a virus, trojan, spyware, adware, and/or any unwanted or malicious software. Site owners need to pay attention that doesn’t allow webmasters from any of the following countries to advertise; Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Iran or Afghanistan.
fpcTraffic2 Network Details
Commission Type: PPC, Popunder
Minimum Payment: $ 50
Payment Frequency: Payments are made once per month.
Payment Method: Payoneer, Wire, Check, Paxum
Country: CA
Contact: Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
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fpcTraffic2 Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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