ExoClick Network Description
Weekly payments through Paypal and monthly payments through wire transfer.
Promote ExoClick.com and get a 5% referral bonus, lifetime.
Friendly support in 4 languages. English, Spanish, French and Polish.
Detailed hits and clicks statistics, delivered to you real-time.
Multiple ways of generating money.
ExoClick Network Details
Commission Type: CPC,CPM,XML-Feed,DomainParking
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire
Country: Spain
Contact: Telephone:+34-931810272
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ExoClick Payment Proof
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Rating: 3.1/5 (79 votes cast)
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Rating: -7 (from 63 votes)

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55 Responses to "ExoClick"

  1. T P Selvam says:

    They approve sites and adzones and websites.At the time of payment they find copyright infringement or self click and cheat your money.They are real scammers.Stay away from them

  2. unknown says:

    I used Exoclick for about a month and a bit. They we’re great. They paid me every monday on time between 7 – 4 pm EST. Never late. But after I racked up about $200, and had $101 pending in my account, they banned my account without any notification. I emailed them and they responded very quickly saying I had fraudulent clicks on my ads and that they would never take me into consideration as a member for their site again. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I by accidentally clicked on one. So either I made a mistake on my site, or they will stop you from earning money after a certain amount of money because of reasons unknown. (first reason seems more reasonable.)

    So I would recommend Exoclick. My Ecpm was always skyhigh (ex. $700 – $1000!) and they paid me many times. They responded quickly aswell. One thing I would recommend though is to be very careful on your site. They may ban you for little things when you have surpassed an amount of money. Otherwise, I rate is 5 stars!

  3. Venkatesh A says:

    Looking good responses from my friends, I will install adcode in my site! 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    Banned me with over $1,000 waiting, then support told me they cannot speak to me anymore and stopped responding.. Be careful here, they are becoming very shady.

  5. enassr says:

    Never late exoclick is the best network for me

  6. sahar says:

    exoclick paid to me i am happy i trust this network

  7. enassr says:

    another payment from exoclick i recommend it good network 🙂 love you exoclick
    they pay in time never delay 😀

  8. enassr says:

    another payment from exoclick i love exoclick

  9. enassr says:

    exo paid i love this network its best network i work with it after 2 weeks they paid

  10. I had big problems with them. After I asked for money, they blocked my account. I hardly got a response from them. The result is simple: my money goodbye.

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