ExoClick Network Description
Weekly payments through Paypal and monthly payments through wire transfer.
Promote ExoClick.com and get a 5% referral bonus, lifetime.
Friendly support in 4 languages. English, Spanish, French and Polish.
Detailed hits and clicks statistics, delivered to you real-time.
Multiple ways of generating money.
ExoClick Network Details
Commission Type: CPC,CPM,XML-Feed,DomainParking
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Frequency: Weekly
Payment Method: Paypal,Wire
Country: Spain
Contact: Telephone:+34-931810272
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ExoClick Payment Proof
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55 Responses to "ExoClick"

  1. Leah Austin says:

    They dont pay !! i have over 200k unique visitors on my websites everyday and i have send them over 3 milions impression but they say my trafic is not natural because there are too many impressions , but where is the problem ?? THEY DONT PAY , DONT USE THEM !!!

  2. malik says:

    Exoclick Not pay me my 4th payment when my payment reach 100$, they are big loser not pay big income. and closed my account.

  3. Malik Asif says:

    Exoclick pay me 3rd payment 53$ good ads network and alternative of google adsense.

  4. Atinder says:

    Based on this Details Looks to be a Good Network.
    I will Try it In Some Days

  5. Malik Asif says:

    No its paying exoclick pay me via payoneer 2 time

  6. Jason says:

    They blocked my account also after i reached 200e limit. I wrote them email and they said ads not shown on my page. I mentioned that i gave wrong url.. I sent them right one and they answered again same thing that ads not shown i failed them. I said yeah ads not shown because you deleted my account.. After that they sent me message that they dont change mind and they hope i dont contact no more them…. I hoped they just send my 200e that i earned 🙁

  7. Mohamed says:

    Exoclick is just scam , After reaching my payment I contacted them via my E-mail adress and Gmail but no reply and no payment.

    Waiting for 83$ but still not received for over 20 Days

    Realy not recommended!!

    Scam Network

  8. Vaipy says:

    I had big problems with them. After I asked for money, they blocked my account. I hardly got a response from them. The result is simple: my money goodbye.

  9. Tristan says:

    Well, last time I wrote a review about them I was a bit pissed. However, I continued to work with them after solving those issues mentioned before. After that they decided to close my account once again, but solved again.

    Anyway, if you make sure you solve all your issues with them, they actually pay quite good as long as you do some geotargeting yourself, and use some affiliates or other networks for those countries Exoclick doesn’t pay for. 😉 They are friendly too, and I think they are actually a nice company to work with. But yes, they did screw up a couple of times. And yes, I continued working with them. 🙂

    I added a payment proof, with some details blanked out.

  10. Tristan says:

    Exoclick is unreliable scam. My account + zone were approved, but after a lot of impressions they suspended it for “copyright infringement” without notifying me. Their claim is invalid too. Further they explicitly stated they allow torrent sites.

    To bad I didn’t check their statistics earlier. Now I lost $ 15,- a $30,-, based on historical data in comparison with my previous ads.

    Further their geotargeted advertising sucks. They pay shit for views from most countries and didn’t figure out Belgium and the Netherlands are somewhat the same audience. In fact they didn’t show targeted ads to most viewers at all, but their own “advertise here” shit. (Right, my visitors ain’t interested in advertising at all!) Perhaps you could fix this by using an ad-server and not showing their ads to people from almost every country, whatsoever.

    Anyway, you better go with one of the other networks advertised at this site.

    • Marvin says:

      > i run a torrent site
      > they suspended me for copyright infringement
      > “their claim is invalid”
      > they scam

      I think you should learn to read before accusing other companies of scamming. You violated a sites rules and they suspended your account because of it.

    • Marvin says:

      I’m also calling bullshit on your claim that your site does not contain/does not promote copyright infringement.

      prove me wrong.

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