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First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year! 

We have a number of important news to share with you:1. We have recently launched a side project, – abot/proxy detection service for online advertising industry. We havealready integrated it into PopAds and gave our advertisers newcampaign settings to target traffic basing on Adscore detection results.

For you as a publisher, it means following:

– in short term, you will see increase in sold impressions anddecrease in average rate (yet, in the end, total revenue shouldincrease by few percent). This is caused by the fact that before wewere fully blocking all proxy/VPN traffic (which for some websites isas much as 10% of all traffic). With the new option, our advertiserscan now choose to buy proxy traffic. We already have over 100campaigns buying such traffic and the number is increasing daily.Proxy traffic will be sold at lower rates (lowering your average ratesas a result), but will be generating additional revenue which wasfiltered-out before.

– in long term, we expect around 5% increase of rates, as Adscoreallows us to eliminate underperforming traffic, hence generatingbetter results for our advertisers. 

2. Some of our publishers are worried about the recent news of GoogleChrome built in adblocker going live in July. Do not worry. This isthe same adblocker that Google has enabled in February 2018 for US andEurope, now they are just enabling it for the rest of the world.This will not affect you. Adscore technology, embedded into PopAds, iscapable of detecting all kinds of Google bots and proxy IPs, includingGoogle reviewers who check if your website is compatible with Googlerules or not. In case Adscore detects that the visitor is a Googlereviewer, no ads will be displayed and your website will not bepenalized / put on adblock list.

Adscore utilizes multiple independent techniques of detecting Googleand we do not expect Google to be able to hide from us anytime soon. 

3. For the first time in years, we are launching a new advertisementtype – Floating Banner.

It is a custom-sized banner, floating on bottom or any of sides of awebsite. The user is able to close it after few seconds (thisadditional click might also increase number of opened popups).You can see the new advertisement type in action at

At this moment, the Floating Banner is not being displayed yet,however we have enabled it on all websites. If you would not like todisplay Floating Banner on your website, please log in to your PopAdsaccount, go to Websites, click on your website name and then on Edit.Finally, unselect the Floating Banner ad type.

At the beginning, you can expect around $0.10 CPM for the floatingbanner with nearly worldwide coverage (yet at low frequency cap). Beaware, our reporting system does not support grouping by ad type, soyour overall rate in reports will go lower (due to mix of higher ratepopup traffic and lower rate banner). Yet, this is only a matter ofstatistical representation – in fact you will be earning more as youwill be getting profits from both pops and banners! 

We anticipate to start serving Floating Banner ad type around 21stJanuary. If you would like to opt-out, please do so before that date! 

Best regards,PopAds Team

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