CPMBASE Network Description

Monetize your traffic at the highest pay

The online advertising world is turning into programmatic buying more and more as years pass by. Our experienced team works with the best technology and optimization skills in order to bring each publisher the highest profit.

We match our publishers with our premium advertisers around the globe, finding the right ad for the right audience, in the right moment.

We work with major CPM and CPC platforms with premium advertisers that are paying at least 0.30 and up to $ 3 per 1000 impressions.
Display, Mobile and Video with a variety of formats including the standard ones.

CPMBASE Network Details
Commission Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Payment: $ 500
Payment Frequency: Net 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Wire
Country: Sweden
Contact: Email: [email protected]  [email protected]
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CPMBASE Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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5 Responses to "CPMBASE"

  1. jgmu2005 says:

    Dear Conga, you did not know my traffic was fake because it is not. As i told, i have been working with other ad networks and I’m working with google and i have not had any problems with them. Until now, the only fake ad network I have worked with is CPMBASE.
    Why will they wait until the end of the month to close an account?
    They made mi lose a lot of money by using them, if it was fake traffic, google would have closed the account as soon as they notice it. Google is a serious company, if they are closing an account, they do it immediately, they don’t scam people.
    CPMBASE gets payed, but they close your account instead of paying you.

    Don´t Get scammed, dont use CPMSCAM

    PD: If you say “I can show to any user a screenshot” do it. you can upload files here. But please dont upload fake screenshots (Photoshoped), like your fake ad network.


  2. javier.kogan says:

    Hey JGMU2005,

    We did not know that your traffic was fake simply because we didn’t have the tools to monitor your invalid traffic back then. However, Google does have that kind of technology and during those periods when you send bad traffic we received no warning from Google.
    Google warned us the first days of April, not before. In the meantime you traffic was having great eCPM’s and generating a good revenue per day, so it is very normal that anyone would ask for a traffic increase, because we did not suspect you were having bad means to get wealthier. There is no Ad Network in this globe that would allow such action with Google ADX, nobody wants to risk it. So if we knew your traffic was fake we would have stopped your account before we even had gotten ourselves in the risk of losing the license to use Google ADX.

    Your traffic is not legal because it included fake clicks on Google’s ads.
    You can show the world the screenshots of our emails, there is nothing to hide there. I can also show the world the conversation I had with Google in which it’s shown that your account along with the other 7 publishers were going to be banned, plus earnings deducted.

    By the way, our minimum payment is shown at $ 500 because it is not updated. Our current minimum invoice $ 100, just like Google.
    The aftermath for us is good, we learned who were our negative partners and we acquired a anti-fraud technology that we use with every single publisher we onboard to our platforms. This way we can let the publisher know that his ads will be disabled until he fixes the bad sources in the traffic.

    There is no profit in doing scam traffic JGMU2005. We wish you luck, and hope you do well with ads that can only monetize fake and shallow traffic; we will continue to bring organic traffic to our platform and work hard with each of our publishers to help to make of advertising industry a better world.

    Javier Kogan

  3. jgmu2005 says:

    This is a total scam, i reached more than 1000 dollars in the first month, as they pay net30 i worked the second month and reached more than 1k again, one day before getting payed the account was blocked for no reason. Javier Kogan and all the team is from spain. I contacted them and they said “we are sorry” but they all took my money.
    They make you work for 2 month earn 2k and then close the account.

    • javier.kogan says:

      Hi JGMU2005:

      We work with Google ADX and PubMatic, both very clean platforms. We are not a scam as you described above. You should first let the people in this website know your identity and domain, I am sure it will help them and us to know the reasons of your ban.

      However, I can still describe to the users your case since there are only a few we had like you:
      JGMU2005 and other 7 accounts were using our Google ADX tags during the month of March. Our Google account manager contacted us the first week of April to let us know that our Google license was on the risk to be canceled because we received a lot of invalid traffic from 8 publishers. Google automatically terminated the accounts of these 8 publishers, including JGMU2005’s account.

      Invalid traffic means basically non human impressions / clicks, and JGMU2005 was doing both. Of course he had generated $ 2K, he based his business on fake traffic that the advertisers paid with a high price, but Google detects fake traffic easily and they don’t forgive, they just cancel your payments. If you would like I can show to any user a screenshot of Google’s email + the status of “account terminated” in the platform.

      Thanks to JGMU2005 our Google ADX license was jeopardized and our payments for bad traffic were canceled, as it has to be.
      To all the users: whenever you want to work with an ad network that has clean and premium ads with good eCPM’s you can contact us, but keep in mind that we only work with organic traffic, not like the one that JGMU2005 has.

      Get in touch with me if you would like to know more about our business and how to work with us.

      Javier Kogan

      • jgmu2005 says:

        I’m 100% that my traffic isn’t fake (like your ad network). Because ive been in google serch engine more than youve been, ive been working with other advertising networks better than your.
        If you as you said “knew” that my traffic was not good, why did you keep asking me to send you more and more traffic?
        I can too, send screenshots from your mails. Im sure you took my money, and thats why you wont grow as my website grows. If my traffic is not legal as tou said, tell me the reason… ive been on the internet sice 2010 and monetizing since that year, working with google and other networks and ive had problems only with this fake ad netowrk.
        By the way, why is your minimum payment at 500 if google minimum is 100. Because when you get payed you close users account to take their well eqrned money. Total scam

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