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Propeller Ads Media is a new digital advertising network based in CPM/CPA started in 2012. It is one of the fastest growing advertising network. Currently they have 100% Ads Fill rate for every country and numerous ad formats to monetize your website.

Propeller Ads has been named by, award winning mobile marketing agency, among the company’s top 25 advertising partners and ranked at number 16.


The best thing of PropellerAds, anyone from anywhere in world can easily join this ad network and get approval. Propellerads Pop Under perform well on Freebies, Live streaming and gaming sites.

Being a publisher of PropellerAds, you have access to wide range of advertising formats. Banners, Onclickads, In-banner video, sliders and sponsored links. Again publisher has to decide which format works well for his/her niche. Their Support is awesome, you get response within 24 hours. Publishers could also block specific advertisers by contacting Propeller Ads support.

Considered as one of the top CPM ad network, PropellerAds Media can earn you decent revenue if you have a high traffic website. Especially, if you have lots of visitors from US, CA, UK, DE, FR, IT and NL, then we high recommend you to try out PropellerAds. They are a legitimate company and you can be assured of on-time payments every month (Someone said they are scam, But we always got paid on time).

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Besides CPM based standard banners, publishers at PropellerAds can choose to display rich media type advertisements such as pop under ads, layer ads, dialogue ads and push-up ads. They are one of the very few publisher ad networks to offer on-click direct link ads. If you have a video streaming website, you can also utilize pre-roll, post-roll and overlay video ads to earn high revenue from PropellerAds.


Ad Formats:
Banners (728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600 and others)

Classic advertising format. We support almost all the sizes. CPM rates for banners depend a lot on CTR value. Placing the ad close to page content helps to get as good CPMs as 1-2$ for US and GB inventory.


Great advertising solutions for media entertainment/gaming inventory, forex etc.

Onclick ads

User initiated full page ads. May be implemented in any place of the page. Helps to get up to 200% more revenue from your site audience. Doesn’t effect results from classic ad formats and doesn’t drop your search engine ranking. Is not annoying being at the same time most effective for the advertisers, gives up to 10$ CPM.

Our onclick technology helps to set this format the way you prefer in terms of frequency capping, targeting, fits specific sites as well.


Great results on media entertainment/gaming inventory.

In-banner video (Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, Pre-game)

10-30 sec video advertisement running infront of video content or before the flash game loads. Technical solutions for all kinds of websites.

For the sites with no player which runs Youtube video content and don’t monetize them.

For the sites which monetize video inventory only with one video adnetwork having no tech solution to request few ad codes at a time and get maximum result.

For gaming sites which have no solution to run video advertising before the game loads.

We allow to show your passback ad (video or banner) in case we are not able to fill the inventory at 100%.

We have video advertising for US,GB,DE,FR,RU,UA,CA now!

This type of ad is used by Google, Microsoft, Mars, Reckitt benckiser, Procter&Gamble.

Sliders, Sponsored Links and other ad formats

We have numerous advertisers seeking to promote their downloadable products in nonstandard ways. Our pool of software products is already giving amazing results for the sites related to downloads globally.


PropellerAds accepts traffic from all parts of the world. There is no minimum traffic requirement to be eligible for joining PropellerAds. They offer excellent eCPM rates for quality websites and monetize worldwide traffic with 100% fill rate. Minimum payout threshold is $100 and you get the payments on NET-30 basis.

Propeller Ads Media offers wide variety of ad formats. Average eCPM rate for banner ads depends on traffic source, geographic location and the banner size. eCPM rates are higher for visitors coming from the US, UK, CA, FR, DE and IT. Search engines visitors from tier-1 countries attract the highest banner rate of around $0.35. We highly recommend using 300×250 banners alongside rich media ads for maximizing your earning potential.

Pop under ads are the most popular rich media ad type at PropellerAds. It can earn you over $1 for 1000 views (CPV). On top of that, you can go with layer ads, dialogue ads, on-click ads and push-up ad as well. On an average you can earn eCPM rates in the range of $0.50 to $1.50 for serving a combination of different rich media ad types.
PropellerAds allows you to put up 3 banner ads of different sizes and 2 rich media ad on a single website. Pioneer and bank wire are the two payment options at PropellerAds, unfortunately Paypal is not an option. Also, their minimum payout is 100 dollars.


You can show us your experience working with PropellerAds by leaving us a comment below, you can even get help, recommendations on what ad network to choose for best earning. Keeping trying !

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