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Popcash is a program from which you can earn good money if you are running a blog website, forum or site. This is a really simple program for making money online from ads no need of clicks and anything what you need is just putting their code on your site and your earnings start at the time. How much traffic your site has, you will get paid for every visitor.

As we know that if we are using some ads it is very difficult to make their minimum because mostly of networks have 50 or 100 dollars but this network minimum payout is just 10 $ which everyone can make even small publishers.
Oh my God you can’t believe in this category they are better than any other network because they will pay you not on net 15, not on net 10. They can even pay you daily if you reach their minimum. The other valuable thing is that they have not such kind of adds they have clean and neat ads for publishers which will not disturb your blog and sites. They will give you money with these payment processors paypal, payza and paxum. What type of ads do they offer? So answer is only one type and that are popup ads.

popcash ref payment is a popular PopUnder advertising network. It is most effective, when any visitor enter on a site that has installed Ad code will see the advertising immediately. There payout rates are not fixed and based on advertisers bidding process.

Popcash uses a popunder ad scheme where the ads are shown in a new window underneath the current browser. The popunders are activated when you click anywhere on the site.

The good thing about PopCash is that they will limit the number of pop unders by one per day per session.

The company is pushing hard for adult content websites. I understand that the earnings are higher with adult websites. The downside is that your ads will be related to adult content as well. So if you’re not in that niche, then you have option to disable adult content.

Popcash is one of the leading ad network, well there are many using this ads network already and of course they are making lot of money. Then, I will recommend you to at least try this advertisement network, see advertisement networks cannot make you real cash but for consistent income it is good, there is no doubt about it. is a new company launched in 2012 the overall feel of the site looks nice. Their payout rates are not fixed and based on advertisers bidding process. The CPM’s averaging between $.12 to $1.6.

Popcash uses a PopUnder ad scheme where the ads are shown in a new window underneath the current browser. Radu from PopCash mentions that pop under ads perform better than pop ups. But I still feel there is a down side on using such an advertising technique. Imagine when you would see these types of ads, most likely it would be when you close down your windows at the end of your session when using your device.

You should at least try this network and see for yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose and it will make you earn some money.

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Also, You can try other Popads Network Here

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