Best In-Text Advertising Program for Bloggers 2014

Being a blogger, we should not limit our-self to one way of monetization. With Adsense, we use many other methods to make money from our sites. Today, we will learn about In-text advertising and I will share some of the best Intext advertisement networks that you can consider joining.

We have covered lots of tips to make money through advertisements. It doesn’t make much difference that it is banner Ads or ln-text Ads, you just need to follow few tips and tricks to earn through advertisements. When it comes to In-text Ads, I prefer to blend it properly with blog layout in order to make it a lucrative method to earn a good amount. Also, intext advertisement uses Javascript, so presence of advertisement won’t hurt your site SEO.

One of the most common question asked by people is: In-text advertising compatibility with Adsense and to let you know, we have used infolinks for years along with Adsense. In-text advertisement, doesn’t violate Adsense policies. There are many options available for ln-text Ads, but I won’t suggest you to give hit and trial method for ln-text Ads. You can find few options provided by good Advertisers like Infolinks ,Chitika , Bidadvertisers.

Viglink: Viglink works on a different model and unlike other in text advertising network, Viglink convert your normal link into affiliate link. Saying that, instead of earning few cents/click, with vigilink you can earn much more with affiliate commision. Viglink is partnered with many existing affiliate network and it converts your normal link into affiliate links. Don’t worry about SEO, it won’t make any difference in SEO.

viglink best

For example: If you write about App store product and you are not an Apple affiliate, Viglink will convert your link into aff. link and when a reader buy the app, you will get a commission out of it. I tried this network on CallingAllGeeks, and it turns out to be really good. I highly recommend tech bloggers to give it a shot.
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Vibrant: Vibrant is a popular advertiser with more than 3000 partners, thus the chances of relevant advertisements automatically increase. I used Vibrant and I was pretty happy with it. Vibrant Ads are easy to blend with your blog content and increase the chances of more clicks.

vibrant best

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Infolinks: Infolinks is one of the easy to start and implement network. You can control ads from Infolinks dashboard and it offers minimum payout at $50. Inflinks also offer related tags feature to further boost your earning. Over all, after using Infolinks for almost 2 years, I can recommend this network. Payout is via PayPal.

infolink best
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Built In Text: Builtintext is another In-text advertiser which will help you to increase your CTR. It gives you 30% Ad Revenue Sharing. The best part about built in-text is that you can choose from 15 Ads format according to your blog layout. Bloggers who prefer to avoid irritating ads on their blog, Built in-text is a good option for them.

buitintext best
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BeContext: BeContext provides you keywords targeted ads to attract your visitors and geographically target your visitors by country, city or timezone. If you are aware of Clicksor, then you will love to try out BeContext as it is one of the top services by Clicksor.

becontext best
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And below have some other In-text Network:






Text Link Ads

Review more in-text network at Here

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