Taggify Network Description
Taggify is a multinational tech-based network whose products allow publishers to monetize their content (text, photos and videos), while assuring nice conversion rates.Also they are offering XML Feeds for other Ad Networks. And 10% of others earnings if you referred them.
Taggify is a multinational company based in Argentina, Chile and the USA whose primary goal is that you monetize your whole website in the most optimal way possible. Our company’s motto is to have the Publisher as the center of attention providing a high-quality professional service all the time.
The project started back in 2010, but in 2011 it turned into a company, when we were given the Start-Up Chile grant. At the beginning of 2012, Taggify was granted US$ 1 Million in investment from Chilean VCs Aurus and Copesa.Taggify products consist in displaying contextually relevant ads in the content of your website. For example, if your website has a lot of pictures, we got Photofy. If your content is mostly videos, Vidiofy was made for you. If you have a lot of text in your website Textify should work perfectly for you. If you have a lot of links (be it internal or external) Linkify is your answer. And finally if you need a product that suits any website, we got our jack of all trades Layerfy.
Currently we don’t offer in-display banners, but it is among our future plans to implement that kind of technology.

Taggify Network Details
Commission Type: CPC, CPM
Minimum Payment: $50 or $100
Payment Frequency: NET 30
Payment Method: Paypal, Payza, Wire
Country: Argentina
Contact: Telephone: +54 911 62288914
Email:  support (at)taggify.net
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Taggify Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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6 Responses to "Taggify"

  1. ovitaovita2 says:

    ecpm very very low… stay away

  2. Anon Malik says:

    I own a mp3 search engine and i dont host any illegal content,i just share links but they have blocked me for owning mp3 content ! How sick it is 🙁

  3. Kusaeri says:

    Last May I use ad Taggify, until the end of MAY I managed to collect an income of $ 622.46, but is VERY DISAPPOINTING for me is, suddenly taggify send an email to me that the account / my domain blocked by taggify, the right end of the month of MAY (exactly 28 MEI 2013) by reason of the low quality traffic, but at that time I was still steady website traffic.

    Until now I’ve sent an email submission of Appeals, but until now there has been no reply from Taggify.

    NOTE: The question is, why did notice the blocking of my account at the end of the month. after I managed to gather a sizable income.

  4. allen says:

    May be Taggify was good when it started but I haven’t seen any substantial increase in my earning by using taggify… Many people claim that they have a revolutionary ad placement system and will be a good google adsense alternative but I can’t see it happening anytime sooner.


  5. Mehmet says:

    Taggify was the best ad network for me after luminate.. But now i can not get good revenue but they are good also..

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