Intergi entertainment rebrands to Playwire Media

2014 has been an extremely exciting year and we are pleased to announce that we continue to break records nearly every day. As part of our ongoing evolution, we are sending out this newsletter to provide you with notice that Intergi LLC will be changing its name to Playwire Media as part of a new rebranding push.

Intergi LLC was founded as a gaming network with an emphasis on hard-core gaming sites. As time has progressed, we have slowly expanded into all gaming verticals (casual, kids, mobile, etc.) and are now expanding further into the entertainment, sports and music verticals. We feel that by renaming our company Playwire Media, we can more easily gain brand-awareness and create better name-recognition than we were able to before. And let’s face it, Playwire Media just sounds cooler than Intergi!

You might be asking what this means to you and the simple is answer is “not too much.” The only changes you will notice will be the site destination changing to and your checks will be from Playwire Media. Other than that you will continue to receive the same levels of attention to detail and customer support that has been responsible for our meteoric growth.

So, welcome to the new name, look and feel of Playwire Media as we continue to push the boundaries of what you expect and deserve.

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