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As an advertiser, you deserve more than video views. You are ready to take engagement further. You are ready to gain views that matter. It’s time to go beyond the view. At Virool, we are proud to unveil ActivView, a new line of products designed to help video advertisers achieve maximum engagement from their video content.

With the ActivView products, you will drive the results that matter. Each ActivView product is specifically designed to help you get the most from your videos and cultivate a new relationship with your target audience. The emphasis on engagement is evident in our unprecedented technology at Virool. Unleash the full potential of engagement with ActivStream, ActivPage, and ActivSocial.

Learn how to go beyond the view



Engage your viewers from the first click. While many pre-roll video advertisements are set to autoplay, ActivStream requires a viewer to click your advertisement before it plays. This active decision on the part of a viewer indicates his curiosity in your brand and dramatically increases the likelihood he will complete the entire video.

Pay for the views that matter. With ActivStream, we consider a “view” to occur only after the viewer has watched at least 30 seconds. This means you pay for the views that are actual views, not accidental clicks or robots. Any impression or viewer who watches less than 30 seconds is free to you.

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An exceptional experience for your viewers. While some say disruption of a viewer experience is critical to the advertisement’s performance, ActivPage proves otherwise. The native advertisements placed through ActivPage are seamlessly integrated to resemble the look and feel of the page on which they appear.

Context matters. Content and context have dramatic effects on a viewer’s perception of your brand. As a viewer naturally browses a website, they consume your advertisement in a way that mirrors their consumption of the existing website content. This not only reduces the viewers barrier to entry, but offers a valuable video when most suited to the viewer’s state of mind.

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Where social media performs best. Enter the world of social media to captivate attentive viewers. ActivSocial placements bring your videos to social networks, games, and Facebook applications where they receive undivided attention.

The engaged viewer unlike any other. ActivSocial receives unparalleled video completion rates because social viewers have both the time and interest for more content. Simply put, give content to those who are seeking content and deliver your video on a platform that makes sharing easy.

Learn more about ActivSocial

Go Beyond The View

The ActivView products bring you endless options for optimizing your video’s distribution. Customize the video’s social buttons so your users can share with a single click. Craft a specific call-to-action to display while your video plays. Get full transparency with advanced analytics to see the sites your video is appearing on. Dial the targeting to the audience you most want to reach. Collect your well-deserved YouTube views with one-to-one credit from Virool.

Power your marketing campaigns with the best tools in the industry. The ActivView lineup of products enable you to radiate your brand to the world. With each video comes a new opportunity to build and connect with your audience. Please review Virool and Join it here!

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