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Sponsortag Network Description

Sponsortag.com is an online ad network providing contextual and display sponsored tags (ads) on publisher properties based on Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-Impressions. We also feature our CPM ad marketplace where website owners may sell their ad spaces and set their own price per 1000 impressions.

Sponsortag Network Details
Commission Type: CPC /CPM
Minimum Payment: $ 20
Payment Frequency: Withdrawal
Payment Method: Paypal
Country: US
Contact: Email:[email protected]
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Sponsortag Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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10 Responses to "Sponsortag"

  1. I have register and approved my site, but nu appear ads on site.

    • Sponsortag says:

      Hi there,

      Please contact us through your account dashboard or by email so we can have a look into your account and investigate any issues. By the mean time you may check the minimum amount set for your floor price.

      The Sponsortag team

  2. I have registered, please approve my application asap

  3. jenny liu says:

    we are looking for PC traffic based on CPM , if you can help us, please feel free to contact with me via email or skype :solidclix.jenny , thank you !!!!

  4. Nikko Soller says:

    Is this network new? how much is the cpm?

  5. Wilmer says:

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  8. Marlon says:

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  9. Jodie Kurnia says:

    I have register but not yet approved till now

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