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We speak in numbers and results, not marketing jargon.
adBrite serves over 1 billion impressions a day on over 100,000 sites. We have created a completely independent, transparent and effective advertising exchange platform, focused on maximizing ROI with sophisticated, unmatched targeting and optimization technology. Our dynamic pricing, Real Time Bidding and API functionality, combined with a self-service account management interface, give our customers unparalleled access to superior campaign data and analytics.
.There is a self-serve feature for advertisers to have their links appear on individual publisher sites. Note that these ads strongly resemble Google AdSense, and it might be against Google’s Terms And Conditions to have them on the same page.
Adbrite Details
Commission Type: CPM,Boxes of text links
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: NET60
Payment Method: Cheque
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:
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4 Responses to "Adbrite(Closed)"

  1. ramboo says:

    this adnetwork closed long long ago please update

  2. mario says:

    acquired by Qabrada

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