PromotePay Network Description

PromotePay Networks is the #1 unique short url services that paying “Daily” and no minimum Payment by paypal.
if users are from indonesia, they can contact us to get paid by Indonesian Bank Transfer with $1.5 minimum payment.

Our Interstitial view is still unavailable (under construction), but users can use banner or auto interstitial view to earn more fast and easy.

no more waiting for payment.
we pay daily. (24~48Hours) with $0 zero minimum payment (1cent for paypal) 🙂

PromotePay Network Details
Commission Type: CPM / Url shrink
Minimum Payment: 0.01 (Paypal) & $1.5 (Indonesian Bank Transfer)
Payment Frequency: Request, Daily Payment
Payment Method: Paypal & Indonesian Bank Transfer
Country: Indonesia
Contact: Telephone: +62-857.3021.7726
Email: [email protected]
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PromotePay Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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12 Responses to "PromotePay(Closed)"

  1. promotepay says:

    we’re on beta phase on new scripts 🙂
    i’ll post here again when we’re ready to lauch 🙂

    all old data can be accessed on :

    thank you.

  2. rayden says:

    Gonna trie and then ill say how it worked 🙂

  3. PromotePay says:

    We’re on maintenance mode right now.
    we’ll relaunch with new scripts within a few days.


  4. PromotePay says:

    Come and join with us.
    we’re thinking about close the registration within a few weeks. and no longer accept new users 🙂

  5. promotepay says:

    we’re sorry about this, we’ve upgrade our servers for better websites, that’s why we’re busy and we’ll pay all pending payment tomorrow 🙂
    pending payment are from 26~today. (28 March 2014)

    thanks for being our valued members. 🙂

  6. payad says:

    when could you pay?

  7. acboy says:

    weekly payment. every Sunday. no-minmum cashout? I find nothing about this.

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