Get More Money With Rich Media

Rich media is the crème of the crop when it comes to banners. The essence of its name already gives us an insight into the meaning of this unique format. With it’s advanced capabilities, your users can enjoy an interactive experience and you can increase your rates and improve you overall eCPMs. Pops ups, pop unders, Stay Ons, LightBox and Sliders. These enriched ads can actually add an aesthetic touch to a website if used correctly. Not to mention the high results they have been proven to generate time and time again.

The Stay On                     

Stay ons are banners that remain fixed with respect to a visitor’s screen even when they scroll up or down, or left or right, Yielding great click through rate.

The Stay On can be placed on the bottom of a webpage and usually work best in its standard size of 728×90. One of the best features of this banner is that, while it does demand attention and occupies a significant space on the webpage, it can be closed with a click, thus not affecting the user’s experience and your site’s credibility.


The Slider

Slider ads, as the name reveals, are banner ads that slide up from the bottom of the screen. The Slider moves along with the page as the user scrolls up or down, and settles to the bottom corner when the scrolling stops. The slider can slide up either from the left or the right side of the page.

The slider’s strong presence demands a lot of attention from the users and instigates high click through rates. In addition, unlike display ads, the Slider ad remains static on the users’ screen throughout the time they spend on the page, even if they scroll up or down. These effects allow the slider to demand a lot of attention and make the Slider so profitable, ehen the recommended size to maximize results is 160×600.

The Lightbox

LightBox ads are banner ads that look like a box of light on top of a darker background website. They are the first thing a visitor sees when entering a website, making them very high-impact advertisements.

A LightBox ad can be of any dimension and size, but the most recommended for higher results is 800×440.

One of the most significant feature of the LightBox ads is its their conversion rates and high eCPM results, due to their immediate visibility. While this is a great banner format to use to maximize your site inventory, it is not intrusive and comes with a “close” button that allows the user to remove the ad from the screen at any time, keeping the banner’s high-impact effect, yet respecting the user experience.



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