nPlex Media(Closed)


nPlexMedia  Network Description
nPlexMedia  is a free service which matches advertisers with website publishers of all sizes to display relevant advertisments that intrige customers and create leads.
SSL ads
URL shortener
Monthly payment
Low payout as $1
CPM and CPC basis
Dynamic high CPM
Real Time Bid system
Targeting via date, country, city, browser, OS
Frequency capping
Transfert credit from Publisher to Advertiser
Banners : banners, html tags, popunder, interstitial ads, Full Page, Slide-In and mobile
nPlexMedia  Network Details
Commission Type:
Minimum Payment: $ 1
Payment Frequency:
Monthly instant payment
Payment Method: Paypal, Moneybookers ( skrill)
Contact: Telephone:
Email: [email protected]
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nPlexMedia  Payment Proof
nplexmedia payment proof
nPlexMedia January Payment
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166 Responses to "nPlex Media(Closed)"

  1. jahid222 says:

    try, 100% Publisher safe network. and Ecpm in 2016 is really very high more than 1.5 USD. But you have to wait minimum 1 week to get approved as premium list.

  2. stephy_mediawhite says:

    we have WW inventory for desktop ,mobile web and in-app.
    Brand Safe and 100% transparency.
    Low CPM
    Lets Talk!

  3. ahmet says:

    WATCH OUT! There are warning the Trojans on this website

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