CPZ Media

CPZ Media Network Description
CPZ Media is a young global online advertising provider that drives leads for the world’s top brands by helping them learn about, reach and engage their online audiences more effectively.
CPZ Media has been paying publishers millions of dollars since 2010.
Publishers are guaranteed the highest possible returns by state of the art revenue optimization technology matching each ad to each visitor.
Websites are carefully selected for their geographic and demographic reach, and the lifestyles of their visitors.
CPZ Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPC(Cost Per Click), CPM(Cost Per Impressions)
Minimum Payment: N/A
Payment Frequency: NET 45
Payment Method: Check, Paypal™, or wire transfer, Money Books
Country: ISRAEL
Contact: Telephone: +972-3-7621699
Email:  [email protected]
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CPZ Media Payment Proof
(if you got paid by this network, it will be very thankful for sending me a snapshot with key-information shielded.)
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Rating: 3.4/5 (242 votes cast)
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235 Responses to "CPZ Media"

  1. Robert says:

    I’m usually not write but,

    This company just stole money from advertisers,

    I made them a prepayment of 1500$ (like normal policy in advertising..)

    And they start to ignore me, I had pay them by payooneer, they don’t answer the phones/email/skype ….



  2. Carlos-Eduardo says:

    In December payment for October-2015.

  3. Carlos-Eduardo says:

    January 2016 Payment screenshot.

  4. Carlos-Eduardo says:

    Here is my recent payment screenshot;

  5. Carlos-Eduardo says:

    100% Legit network.
    Those who are having problem not telling what kind of traffic they sent to them.
    We all know that fake traffic is biggest problem now a days. Ad networks have to take them down and when they do “Scammers start shouting on them, calling back them Scammers” Funny…. han
    I have been paid 5 times from cpzmedia so far and no issues till now.

  6. kodefather says:

    Totally SCAM!

    Don’t know why they can still alive for a long time. But the way they scam everyone is:

    – When I stop traffic before reach to minimum payout, they will email me “Why you stop our ads”

    – If I ask them “When I receive my payment, I will send traffic again”, they will said “If you not sending traffic, your payment will be hold for 180 days and your account got blocked”.

    – Then, to able receive payment, I keep sending traffic to them, and they stop answer all email/skype…

    – If I using other email address to email them, they will answer faster then light.
    – If I using other skype to PM them, they will say “Hello” first.


    CPZ Media is a big joke. big scammer still alive.

    I hope I can take it down, but only me can’t do anything!

  7. jahid222 says:

    Try Yllix, No need any Minimum Requirement. and Min Withdraw $1, and anytime withdraw.

  8. belicario says:

    I have received 6 payments so far. All payments are on time and rates are good too. The only back draw is their slow approval process. They accepted me after about a month after signup.
    Overall they are good. It would be great if they add Payoneer as payment source. Payoneer is best and fastest payment method.

  9. keen111 says:

    Hello Publishers,

    The CPZMedia is absolutely fraud and scam, do not waste your time.I will proof it , step by step.

    First they communicate like they are real but as you reached threshold amount , they never replied.All the amounts they are showing here are fake.

    First you can see my earning snapshot on the site in picture one.

    I also call them that was provided but they are not ready to communicate, even they do not describe any reason.

    Admin of this site please remove all the links of this bullshit site i.e. CPZMedia.

    I never complain any scam but they are still stood with scam, thats horrible for me.

    • belicario says:

      Stop spamming and misguiding people. See in your own screenshot you were not compliance with their Terms and Conditions. They clearly stated that minimum site requirement is 50,000 ad impressions per day while you were generating far below than that.

      Every company has right to suspend and terminate accounts not following their Rules so, don’t make false statements.

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