24/7 Media and Moat Partner to Evolve Ad Engagement Metrics and Viewable Impressions

NEW YORK – 24/7 Media, Inc., WPP’s marketing technology company, and Moat Inc., a brand intelligence and analytics company, announced a partnership to offer advertisers and publishers brand-focused metrics to help them measure the success of an ad campaign well beyond the industry default measure for success, the click-through.

With this new partnership, publishers can measure for their advertisers both viewable and viewed impressions. More importantly they can capture the details that brands care most about: with which publishers and on what pages was an ad successful, and with which consumers did the message resonate?

Publishers using 24/7 Media’s propriety ad serving technology, 24/7 Open AdStream, can utilize Moat’s solution through a simple integration, and instantly begin measuring viewable impressions, and engagement levels in real-time.

“Moat has developed an exciting new way to empower publishers with incredible brand insights which they are able to pass along to their advertisers,” said Rob Schneider, Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Platform Development for 24/7 Media. “We are committed to partnering with the leading companies that bring a significant competitive advantage to the clients who use our technology, and Moat is an excellent example.”

Moat’s Metrics That Matter includes collection and reporting on metrics such as viewable impressions (in-view impressions), in-view time, interaction rate, and interaction time. These metrics all conform to the IAB working definitions for each respective metric. In addition, Moat also collects 23 other brand-focused metrics such as hover rate, attention quality, time to scroll, and more, for a deeper understanding of ad and publisher effectiveness.

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