Q1Media Network Description

Q1Media is an ad technology and media company that facilitates the value and performance of digital advertising in the programmatic ecosystem. Q1Media’s Hydra Platform™ technology amplifies the value of publishers’ content by creating new 100% viewable and programmatically sellable advertising inventory while at the same time maximizing the value of publisher’s existing advertising inventory. Q1Media works with over 2,000 premium web and mobile publisher partners. It has a reach of over 200 million unique visitors across video, mobile and display and generates over 1 billion video ad views per month according to comScore Video Metrix. Q1Media works closely with DSP’s, trading desks and exchanges to maximize the value and performance of this inventory, and also directly with brands and premium publishers to deliver custom, premium advertising executions.

Our long-held promise to our web publisher partners: We pledge to maximize your ad revenue by designing ad units that:

– Advertisers love
– Don’t cover up your content
– Maximize CPMs across video, mobile and display
– Are easy to implement.

Q1Media’s Impact Suite keeps your content viewable while creating new revenue streams on your page.

Q1Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPM and RevShare / Video, Mobile, Tablet, Display
Minimum Payment: Minimum payout for domestic (US) is $100.
Minimum payout for international is $500.
Payment Frequency: NET 60
Payment Method: Wire (Domestic and International), Check, Direct Deposit
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:(512) 388 – 2300
Email:[email protected]
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Q1Media Payment Proof
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5 Responses to "Q1Media"

  1. Brad says:

    Q1 Media is a scam. Run! Q1 Media doesn’t pay. They’ll give you excuses, say payment is on the way and eventually just stop responding. Read the reviews online. This is not an original story.

    Also, a special shout out to their shady investors who allow this activity to continue: Silicon Valley Bank and Partners for Growth. I wonder how many other shady companies they have invested in. Partners for Growth may want to at least remove Q1 Media from their website given all the publishers complaining about Q1 Media not paying. Actually, they should worry about getting their money back.

  2. j_interactive says:

    I should have listened to the reviews. I ran their ads from late June 2016 to early September 2016 (dashboard screenshot – $3,599.75 in revenue – http://i.imgur.com/QamCwC1.png). Q1Media pays out under NET 60 terms and seemed reputable on the surface based on my research on the company so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited until Nov 18 to inquire about payment (ticket screenshot – http://i.imgur.com/Nyl6IgN.png). The ticket remained open for 19 days until I followed up again on Dec 7 and still no response. I also e-mailed my Q1Media rep and have yet to receive a response after six days. I have tested numerous ad networks (I have properties ranked within Alexa’s top 8000 sites) and Q1Media is the only ad network I’ve come across so far to not pay (and have yet to pay) in a timely manner. Based on the comments here, that seems to have been the case since 2013 and I’m apparently serving as the data point for 2016. Don’t be the next one.

  3. lyndsey says:

    I’ve noticed some incorrect information posted on AdsWiki about Q1Media, so I thought I would address some of this.

    – We do not have a minimum payout of $25. For domestic transactions, there’s no minimum threshold whatsoever. For international transactions, the publisher must make $500 before we issue their payment.
    – We do not offer Paypal payments and haven’t for around 2 years. We’ve found that the 3.75% service fee can be very substantial, in comparison with the $40 flat fee (from Silicon Valley Bank) we charge for international wire services.

    For Ryan and Ash, please email me at [email protected], and I will personally track down your payments and respond to you immediately. We take this very seriously, and I want to help ensure every single publisher me or my team works with is being paid timely. Always!

    Thanks so much!

  4. Ryan says:

    I signed up in September. They owe me around $5k. Haven’t seen a single cent and it is mid January.

  5. Ash says:

    These guys finally paid me in January for ads I ran in September and then never paid me after that and stopped responding to my emails. Avoid!

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